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Work, Travel and Blog | My Side of Life as a Travel Blogger

Work, Travel and Blog

To whoever’s been reading this, hello there! If you’ve visited my site before, you can tell it’s a little near to nothing. I am just barely starting out my travel blog while finding out how this works along the way. There have been quite some posts now and never have I introduced myself, the one who’s running this blog. I really want to share my side of life as a travel blogger. How blogging is like on my part and why it is also worth it to share experiences with my readers.

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My Side of Life as a Travel Blogger

Starting off, you can call me Cci, verbatim for Chii by the way. Why the weird spelling? It is taken from the last 3 letters of my second name, so you can just call me that freely. Why start a travel blog? Truthfully, I don’t know. One day I just thought of writing, documenting and sharing my knowledge about my travels and et cetera. Lots of people are asking me on how to’s in relation to traveling which is one reason to start one. Of course after that day I thought about starting one. I researched and learned that one can earn a lot through blogging. Don’t want to lie about this part as I’m also hoping one day I can make it as a full time travel blogger.


Basically, this travel blog is just an impulsive decision of mine. With grand hopes of raking cash to fund my travels LOL, but I don’t do it only for the money. My first flight experience made me fall in love with traveling. And I definitely will not settle on a work-earn-save-for-when-you’re-old lifestyle. I’d like to break that cycle and enjoy my life doing other productive things in between while still young and able. There’s so much to see and experience, the world is huge and has so much to offer. And I am craving to see those other places outside this island I am living right now.

My Side of Life as a Travel Blogger

Blogging, for me, is more of a hobby to keep myself busy. Plus enjoying learning some web stuff and social media. Instead of paying huge amounts for a class, I try to self-study as much as I can with the information available on the internet.

Let’s do what the successful people always keep telling us. “Do what you love and you won’t be working your whole life”.


It goes like this:

  1. Work and earn
  2. Travel and blog it

Work, travel, blog and personal life balance.

Some people might say that traveling is leisure, and it actually is. Either it’s a leisure for your soul, your mind, or simply just to feel alive again from the daily struggles.  Highlighting that I am just a normal working citizen with an average income, traveling comes easy when you educate and discipline yourself in handling and budgeting your salary. Since I was a kid, saving money for the things I wanted is how I was taught. The value of earning something through patience is a sweet reward. This is one thing I am proud of myself, though I do get too stingy sometimes… or mostly?

Currently my days revolve in working to save up cash, traveling to explore, experiencing different sides of life, and then documenting them up on my blog. An additional activity while managing my online shop and freelancing. Oh, how I feel so busy talking about these.

My Side of Life as a Travel Blogger


I am not a full time blogger, I’m still getting there… I have a full time job as a graphic artist that gives me a stable income to fund my travels. Working at home, greatly gives me the freedom of time to manage my blog. Which I should have done earlier instead of enduring the roller coaster moods from my previous bosses.

To save up for my travels, having a full time job is not enough. I also do some design freelance on the side to pay my monthly bills. If ever you’re lucky to land a high paying job that only requires you to have a stable internet connection, message me guys include me on your team! Or if you’re feeling up to it, Fund my travels by working with me~

And so once I’ve saved up some extra fund, I travel! Even traveling doesn’t come easy. It’s rare to find friends who prefer mountains over beaches, even if you get to compromise with them on a place to venture, then comes the budget issues. Traveling solo is easier, but I just don’t trust myself much when it comes to navigating places.  Getting lost is the norm for me while having a blank face that silently screams I know what I’m doing… while actually is NOT TRUE! The face hides a thousand masks.

Quitting your job and traveling full time sounds noble, but the sacrifices of that single decision are huge.


Sadly, I spend more time working than travelling to create more contents about my travels. In a year I only get to travel three to five times and mostly just near my city. I plan to change that soon and travel as much as I can this coming 2018.

Why don’t I start traveling more now? Because I already have some international travel plans with the day offs’ I have, that’s why. Yay!

Maintaining a travel blog is difficult, and I mean reeeally difficult! But nothing is hard when you love what you are doing. Aside from the technical aspect, you also need the creative side of dishing out nice images that won’t bore the viewers while reading posts. Luckily, I’m blessed with these creative juices~ Additional to these, you need to learn the ever-changing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and many more to make your travel blog rise to popularity. Speaking of blogging, this blog cannot live when my only topic is purely about travel guides, so I also explore some other topics to talk about that I am also interested in.

My Side of Life as a Travel Blogger

Sometimes travel blogging is like being an all-around reporter, I take photos and videos, edit them out, create a guide sharing some tips then advertise it through social media. Who says blogging is easy anyway? On top of that, after my travels, it’s directly back to my full time work, so I need to squeeze my time to manage them all. Starting out is always difficult, we always have to grit it and ram head on with our goals, while of course following a plan. It’s one heavy load!

Your time, effort, management and discipline will really be put to the test as you go on. The sweetest fruit does not give itself for free. These are only some of the costs you will have to pay to make a successful blog. I salute the people who have managed these things all at once, they have done a really great job!


My days usually goes like this:

WEEKDAYS: I get to work from 7am to 4pm, with a little bit of overtime to finish all my assigned tasks. Around 5 or 6pm till midnight, if I have the energy to stay up late, I either write some contents in advanced or edit some images and do technical web stuff. Editing images sounds fairly easy when you’re an artist, but it’s still a tedious task. I always check the quality of my pictures, whether it might be boring or just plain nonsense and even so blurred you can’t use it. Weekdays are more of brainstorming, planning and listing down topics to post and ideas on how to make my site look great.  

All these are cast aside when my client from my freelance work sends me a new request because we follow a deadline. Working on this after my full time job is exhausting. And once I’ve finished these tasks I just prefer to rest all night. When I still have the energy, I read some topics from other bloggers to gain ideas and inspire myself. Learning some tricks and stocking some knowledge.

WEEKENDS: Creating contents on weekends is preferable for me as I can focus my mind and time, with no other things to think of. Writing the contents eats much of my time, I research and try to summarize all information that I gathered into a clear and informative article. I try to write them out in advanced so I can schedule my posts on a weekly basis, and have more time for some weeks to go out with my friends and pig out.

My Side of Life as a Travel Blogger

And that’s it! This is my side of life as a travel blogger. I’m just starting out and experimenting things while having fun traveling when I have the opportunity to! Right about now I’m working while typing this, once I’ve got the cash to spare it’s time for travel! Once that ends, it’s back to blogging and working again. 

What I can advise when starting out is just be patient, reaaaaaaally very be patient. Blogging requires different types of tasks to run your website effectively. Top it all that you got to try experimenting different ways so your website can reach people to generate more traffic. What is a website when you have no reader or followers, correct?


It’s impossible not to stumble along some frustrations when you want to get something. As a travel blogger, finding some companion that I can take with me on an adventure, like.. always, is a challenge. Take into account the budget and the other expenses. Not only these, but my time also is limited in maintaining my blog, it eats most of my weekend where mostly I want to just rest. It gets frustrating when you want to do something but you’re just too tired to do it anyway, then you find yourself procrastinating. What makes you frustrated? Comment below.


My Side of Life as a Travel Blogger

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  • Have you also thought of blogging?
  • Are you also a travel blogger? How did you start out? Do inspire us!
  • On a sideline, I also enjoy managing my finances, budgets and investments
  • What’s your schedule when you blog?

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