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My Travel Bucket List: Things I MUST see and do

My Travel Bucket List

2017 is ending, and I’m sure there are some people out there already creating their 2018 wish list. Aaaand one of those people is ME! Though this one is a list of destinations I wish to venture when the right time comes. Much of this can be easily visited, especially that I only live in Asia. But, due to my recent trips back and forth in Japan, they had to wait in line.

“We all know that as a Filipino, Japan is an expensive country to visit, not much like our other neighboring countries at the south which is cheaper. Touring in Japan is actually worth the price of entering three other Asian countries. But it has always been my dream destination since I was a kid, so I came back for the second time again this August 2017.”

This 2018, I was planning to visit Japan again in spring, but I realized it will be really hard for me again due to finances. Actually, it’s because I’ll be visiting Malaysia again to do some fun and cool things! You guys know what I mean. But still, as a normal employee who works online at her home and whose paycheck is kind of, just average. My pocket can’t handle a third visit to Japan this spring 2018, since I just recently bought a camera too. Yep, I have invested in a camera since the photos captured from my cell phone lack the quality I want and need for an image. Plus, now it has been easier to edit my pictures since I only need to tweak a little.

Gora Park
My new camera~

Phew! This year has been a really challenging year in regards to finances.

Well, without further ado, I present to you…dum, dum, dum, duuum!! *insert sound effects for drums* MY TRAVEL BUCKET LIST!! It’s not that grand of a list, but this is something personal that has been in my mind since way before I don’t know when. It’s also nothing really unique or fancy but I just want to share with you, to my readers, what’s on my mind. And I hope you share yours too J It’s fun to talk about dreams that you will actually or are currently making come true.


I should be visiting more places around my home country the Philippines, but my travels always get me to places that are unplanned or suddenly planned. I’m an impulsive person you see, hahaha. Moving on, I’m more of a mountain lover rather than a sea one. Mostly, I’ll prefer to hike and do some not-so-really-extreme things like doing ziplines or rock climbing. But of course, the beauty of some places has some exceptions like these:


Siargao is an island located in the Southeast of Manila rich in treasures. Treasure like massive coral reefs, mangrove forests, a shining white sand bar and many more. Even when I am not a fan water, Siargao has piqued my interest. While I was browsing on Instagram, it was just so beautiful! Siargao has clear water, sparkling white sand in harmony with the clear blue sky and rich greeneries. And while I’m browsing some images of Siargao it look so much like Maldives which is another of my dream destinations.

This photograph was taken by GotMarked

Last time I checked, Cebu Pacific (one of the cheapest airlines in the Philippines) offers flight that is around Php1000, but this time it rounds up to 4k?!?!

This place can easily be one person’s dream destination, google the place now!! I need not say any more. Oh, surfing is a-must activity here, plus the sand bars. I’ll be quiet now.


Oh, Batanes. It’s been years now yet you’re still a dream for me, why must we be like this? Batanes is a small island north of Manila easily, which I call the “lone paradise”. It’s just me naming places of what I think of it. The place is visually close to New Zealand with its broad greeneries. Do search the place right now, it is really lovely and I am not exaggerating this.


This photograph was taken from islandofthephilippines

What made me fall in love with Batanes? If you’re reading my nonsensical blog, I just said I prefer hiking over water activities. I LOVE SEEING ISLANDS and especially ones like you can see in Batanes! The layers of the island are too gorgeous for my eyes to handle. It’s like heaven!


It was years ago when I learned that Camiguin has a volcano AND hot springs to boot. Not sure why I’m not hearing much of Camiguin. It makes me really curious till now, but I do think Camiguin should be more popular? As usual, since this is in the Philippines, expect beaches. We have lots of that here and mostly these types are more of a cooler thing here than hiking.


This photograph was taken from here



Bali, Bali, Baaaaaaaaaali!!! The place to go to for a long week’s relaxation is what I call it! On top of the accommodations that are for honeymooners, one can dive deep on a cultural trip down the road of BALIII. Well, not only in Bali, I think Yogyakarta is a nice place as well. The ancient stone figures and ruins make me really want to understand their history. Cambodia almost has the same structures like in Indonesia but I think it’s not that safe for solo female travelers? Can anyone enlighten me their facts about Cambodia? Have you visited this place? How is it?


This photograph was taken from beunsettled

I was checking the airfare from Kuala Lumpur and it’s really cheap to go from here and vice versa. Better save-up more and skip countries between these 2. Though, airfare changes all the time, maybe you can go on a nearby country from Kuala Lumpur. Go country hopping and travel sprees! Spend money on experiences rather than possessions! Unless, you’re going to buy a house or something for your future stability, please do save up for this.


This year I should be going to Singapore, but had a big change of plansss. There’s something that pushes me away from Singapore, there’s always a change in something. I’ll just try to go here when the right time comes. And here’s me wishing it will be sooner.


This photograph was taken from Singapore-Guide

so she can tour me there. She said Singapore’s size is more of like a city than a country due to its size. But, as an Asian country, Singapore has a much higher currency rate than its neighbours. Preparation is really needed if one wants to tour most of the places here. Touring in Singapore is particularly safe when one ventures alone, you won’t have many problems like theft or crime. And the café’s!!! Must try some desserts!! YUM!


Of course! SPRING! I’ve been here during summer and winter, but still, nothing beats spring in Japan! I am dying to see rows of cherry blossoms along the riverbanks and just gaze at their beauty. There are still much to see in this country and I’m hoping they give me a 5 year valid visa as a tourist. Did you know that there’s a rabbit island and fox village? I want to see Okinawa and Sapporo too! Siiigh. JAPAN. I LOVE YOU! If only you’re not so expensive.

Japan Spring

This photograph was taken from



One word, KANGAROOS! I am not rushing in visiting Australia but this is on my list because of Kangaroos.


This photograph was taken from here


I don’t like beaches that much, but Maldives is an exception! Saw one time that there are those glittering creatures of the sea at night. I forgot what they are called, but I would love to these magical creatures. If I may recall, I think it is Planktons or something that makes the water glitter? That’s my main reason for visiting the Maldives, AND the resorts! If my budget can afford a night at a Maldivian resort that is, but probably not. LOL. My pocket’s gonna bleed that day.


This photograph was taken from here


For a third world passport, there’s just so much hassle going outside our countries. For countries requiring visas, we need a lot of documents to prepare. BUT, if your destination is Croatia, then it will be so worth it! It’s a nice place that’s near the more popular countries like Italy, UK and etc.


This photograph was taken from here


Guam requires the same procedure as when you’re entering mainland US. Let’s say Guam is the nearest part of US that a Filipino can enter. This tiny islet is not that popular but my curiosity wants me to tour this island. I’m sure this tiny paradise has a lot of lovely things they can give to travelers.


This photograph was taken from here


The land of the HOBBITS! What more can I say, my vision of New Zealand is of cows grazing in the meadows. I always think of these when I think of New Zealand. Just like Batanes, what made me love New Zealand is the mountains that they have. I can’t wait to see New Zealand, to know that there are more than just grazing cows, meadows and mountains here. It’s free to imagine right?

New Zealand

This photograph was taken from here


My Travel Bucket List

Got your bucket list?

What are your wishes, dreams or goals? Share them by commenting down below~

  • I hope someday I can fulfill ALL that I have listed here LOL

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