REVIEW: The Bingsu – A Korean Summer Refuge Dessert

REVIEW- The Bingsu

The Bingsu offers more than just Bingsu.

What’s IN when it’s summer in the Philippines? Ice and milk! These duos mixed with fresh fruits are the ultimate dessert to beat the intense heat in the Metro! We’ve had our fair share of taste with halo-halo, mais con yelo, banana con yelo and whatever con yelo’s recipe that exists.

Enter Bingsu, a popular summer dessert in Korea, or what we can say, is the counterpart of our national halo-halo. The last one I ate in ‘The Bingsu’ was too yummy not to share here in my blog. Tasting a different version of these frozen yummy treats is never too bad to experiment how our sweet tooth’s will enjoy and our pockets bleed. Here’s my experience and review of ‘The Bingsu’ dessert shop in Alabang.



Bingsu is undoubtedly delicious, especially popular during the summer season, this snack is a powdery shaved iced milk with a snow-like texture. The shaved ice is so thin it easily melts in your mouth! Usually topped with refreshing fresh fruits or its traditional topping of sweetened azuki beans (also known as pat) or rice cakes.



It started off with a craving, I love milk, I love fruits, I love desserts and it is summer, what better food to satisfy myself is through eating Bingsu! We were in the area since we have a company annual conference, the plan was to dine in Cafe Seoul-Hwa, but it seems like it closed down in Commerce Center in Alabang, so we settled for The Bingsu.

I was having a bit of a second thought when we just decided to just eat here, the last bingsu I ate, the mango topping was sour and the cheesecake bits were dry so I was hesitant. We started ordering different flavors, so we can taste different flavors, sadly berry cheese bingsu and melon bingsu are not available, I wanted some blueberries.


The Bingsu - Strawberry Bingsu

The first served is the Strawberry Bingsu, just look at this mouthwatering slice of strawberry topped with cream! Did not taste any sourness in this one, the syrup tastes really authentic too. The strawberries mixing with the shaved milk were delightful, think of drinking strawberry milk, yummy!


The Bingsu - Mango Cheese Bingsu

Next up! Our Mango Cheese Bingsu. Heavenly mangoes, sliced like peaches with vanilla ice cream on top and bits of cheesecakes and nuts. Mango and milk are always the best combination for me in the sweltering heat, it is a light refreshment during summer season. The ice is very milky, sweet mangoes and light mango syrup is triple thumbs up. As for the cheesecake, I was expecting the same  as in DQ’s, chewy, this one was dry didn’t taste and cheesiness at all.


The Bingsu - Choco Brownie Bingsu

Last one, the Brownie Choco Bingsu, it’s not milk chocolate at all but a dark chocolate treat topped with chunks of brownies and chocolate ice cream with a little bit of syrup, a triple chocolate-y goodness. Perfect for those who LOVE dark chocolate or someone who don’t like too sweet of a dessert.

For all the bingsu we got served, they were very consistent with their textures, I love how their shaved ice is veeeery milky, it really felt like eating creamy snow during summer. Highly recommended for all bingsu lovers and anyone who wants to try something new!


The Bingsu store does not only serve bingsu to their customers, they also have ice blended treats, coffees, chocolate drinks, toasts, some snacks, healthy yogurts and cakes. I also loooove gimbap so I ordered that too as a snack! On the lower left is Bulgogi Bob Burger, a bit weird as it has no bread. And on its right is Yuja Tea, served together with the mini kettle.

REVIEW- The Bingsu Snacks


This is The Bingsu’s menu list, how I wish there is a bibimbap somewhere in the list but, naah…

The Bingsu Menu

Not only are the bingsu’s good, the store’s atmosphere is very bright with the whole of the wall in caged glass. The yellow painted royal-like chairs lined up, took my attention, it was very chic. I wanted to eat upstairs but was told it is not open…oh well.

Satisfy your bingsu cravings here too. It is worth it!

REVIEW- The Bingsu


♦  Branches:

  • G/F Commercenter, 1780 Commerce corner Filinvest Avenue, Alabang, Muntinlupa City
  • 2nd Floor, Madison Galeries, Don Jesus Boulevard, Alabang Hills, Cupang, Muntinlupa City

*This post is written personally by me with no relation whatsover to the store’s owner/s, this is basically my own dining experience in this place.