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Reasons to Visit Malaysia

My top reasons (for now) why you should visit Malaysia too!

Last 2015, I only got one reason to visit Malaysia. And that is to attend the biggest comic event in Asia held here every December, it was my dream since I was still a student in college to meet my favorite and very inspiring artist, KiDchan. I’ve got no plans to travel and see other places here really, but I fell in love with the country with what I’ve observed. Here are my reasons to visit Malaysia again, and they might be yours too!

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Reasons to Visit Malaysia


Cheap, cheap and very cheap foods!

TEA: Do you love milk tea? Stores in the Philippines sells tea at a premium price, ranging from Php50 – 100 plus, while in Malaysia it’s only around Php15. Try Teh Tahrik, this is what they call milk tea in Malaysia.

SUSHI: In KL Sentral there’s a store selling different kinds of sushi, your Php50 will fill your tummy. And it’s delicious!

FRUITS: I ate a lot of fruits as snacks, from grapes to oranges, apples and watermelons! Fruits here are even cheaper than in my home country. Grapes is a must-try, really delicious, sweet and fresh.

VARIETY: There’s a lot of cuisines you can try, from Indian, Chinese to Malay cuisine. It’s common that most of the food are spicy. Even my favorite pastas’ are spicy. Penang is famous for their food, it’s like a hippy little town with lots of cafe’s and backpackers.

Reasons to Visit Malaysia


Malaysia is diverse and rich in its culture, they are a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural country, which makes them “Truly Asia”. There’s always a Chinatown and a Little India area here and there, what I can say though is that the architecture of this country is amazing, it has the old colloquial feeling and the modernity blended.

Reasons to Visit Malaysia


What makes Malaysia easy to visit? The language. You can easily communicate with the locals, enough to ask for directions and other kind of help you need. For a Filipino, some language they use are pronounced close to what we use, so it’s self-explanatory to understand.

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My friend and I got lost in Kuala Lumpur while searching for the venue of the comic event we needed to attend – the very reason we’re in Malaysia. We went to the wrong building, had only a picture of the venue printed on paper and we don’t have any other clues to the place we need to go to. We asked around and a kind brother really helped us, we showed him the picture of the building, luckily he knew and he then guided us how to get there. Outside the building we didn’t know where to ride, and a kind Indian looking man helped us, even told us the place where to experience great food – Melakka. Sadly, we don’t have time to visit Melakka during our stay.

Reasons to Visit Malaysia


Philippine beaches. Every time I hear this I think of overcrowded beaches full of tourists and locals. I hate crowded places, it makes me appreciate less the place and the beautiful view. So when my friend and I decided to go see the beach we saw along the road, I greatly appreciated it! The water is clean though the sand is rough, it was my first visit to the beach where there are less people and more of nature.

Reasons to Visit Malaysia
Reasons to Visit Malaysia


No doubt, there are lots of great artists in this country, they have The One Academy, an internationally renowned, top leading art and design institution. They really nurture the talents of their student, from what I’ve seen on their portfolios. Not only will you appreciate the country’s modern art, but also the art from the roots of their old period.

Reasons to Visit Malaysia


Cheap hotels, cheap hostels and cheap backpacker’s inn. If you can travel DIY, no need for a package tour and cash out large sums. You can travel here in Malaysia with only a budget of only Php10,000-15,000 inclusive of airfare. If you got friends with you, it’s cheaper, you can share the hotel expenses of whatever accommodation you prefer.


I may compare a lot the differences of the Philippines and Malaysia, but I think it’s natural, especially if it’s your first travel outside your own country too. Here in the Philippines, think of any shopping area and they are always, always crowded especially when there’s a sale. How I wish the malls here were also like in Malaysia, less crowded, aesthetically beautiful and no need to open your bags before entering! I’m not saying the malls here in the Philippines are ugly, but most malls that are beautiful and not generic-looking are for the rich guys.

Reasons to Visit Malaysia


How amazed was I on how effective their trains are. If you are visiting this beautiful country, do rent a room near KL Sentral. KL Sentral is the central station in Kuala Lumpur — the capital city. You can reach places almost anywhere here, the train stations are laid out like a spider, think of yourself being in the middle, and whenever you want to visit some place, it is easily accessible by train. Train rides are really cheap too!

Reasons to Visit Malaysia


George Town — the capital city of Penang located in the Northwest of Kuala Lumpur, it’s a far distance from the capital KL. It’s also one of the oldest cities in Malaysia  earning a place in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008. Do you appreciate good food, good place, great history and architecture? Put this on your list now!

Reasons to Visit Malaysia

Street arts are all over the place, with a mix of new and modern style. The architecture is a reminiscence of the old British Colonial style and Asian heritage, rent a bike and explore the streets of George Town.

Wanna see a floating village? Discover Chew Jetty, a neighborhood of wooden houses housed by Chinese migrants from age old century.


Not only did I encounter a funny lady guiding us in the Dark Cave, they have sense of humor through writing too!

Reasons to Visit Malaysia

To me, Malaysia gives you the feeling of a mixed past and future of the country. In one part of the city it is too modernized, visit another one and the feel changes to an old era. It’s like walking inside an old black and white photo visiting the past and seeing it in the now. The only regret I had is I didn’t plan ahead to see and visit the other great things I might experience here on my stay. Only later did I realize that the place we visited — George town, is a heritage site, We were only there for 2 days so we didn’t explore much during the day. I definitely need to come back here again!

Reasons to Visit Malaysia


Reasons to Visit Malaysia

Have you visited Malaysia? What were your experiences?

I never expected that I would fall in love with this country. The only reason I was here was to go to a comic event that takes place every December. I am still glad that this is the first country I ever visited, and alone too.

  • What are your recommended places to visit in Malaysia?
  • Have you ever visited George Town? My friend and I did but only for a really short while as the next day I need to get back to the airport. Revisiting George Town is definitely  in my to-do listin Malaysia. What’s yours?

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