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PINTO ART MUSEUM: A Change of View

Pinto Art Museum

For almost 2 years, I’ve been wanting to take a look at this eye-catching museum. If only this is just a little bit near the city I’m living in. What made my wish come true? A friend messaged me if I have visited Pinto Art Museum before, I just said “I always wanted to go there”. As our conversation went on, I noticed and asked myself, “Was I just invited?”, there was no asking like “let us go there”. Just that suddenly the date was set-up and after a week of waiting, I was sweating buckets. And it was worth it!

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Pinto Art Museum - The Gardens


Just upon the entrance, I feel something is special inside. A Santorini-like structure without the blue tint is right in-front of me. Oh! And planes, while inside the area, I noticed a lot of planes flying by. While staring at the plane, I said to myself “soon I will be flying in a plane again, just a few more months!”

Pinto Art Museum

Okay, I said there was no blue tint, but this  door is in a hue of blue. The  bizarre welcoming display at the entrance to me is quite cute. I appreciate artistic expressions like this man with lots of nails on his head and this human-faced fish is a little ugly but still quite cute (well, to me).

Pinto Art Museum

There were lots of students inside, mostly taking pictures (probably, for their Instagram or projects). Let’s just hope they are not only there to take pictures of themselves, but also appreciate the arts in Pinto Art Museum.

It is also a serene place for dates with your loved ones! With a 1.3 hectare area, visiting all while really appreciating the area and taking pictures will take about 4-6 hours of quality time with your beloved.

Pinto Art Museum

I love the white, white there, white here, white everywhere! I just love white!  And I was expecting air-conditioned galleries, but there was none, even their cafe has only lots of cooling fans inside. Won’t the paintings be damaged without cooling systems? And is it just me or every nook-n’-cranny of this place is worthy to be photographed? Might as well say that this is a very photogenic museum in the Philippines.



The museum is named as Pinto, a Filipino word for “door” which serves as the gateway to modern and contemporary art. A project of a non-profit organization, Silang Foundation for Arts, Culture and Ecology, is dedicated to promoting Philippine arts and culture. How cool are they? right?

This foundation is being led by Dr. Joven  Cunanang, a neurologist-slash-art collector, and maybe the artworks inside the museum are just SOME of his collections.

What made Pinto Art Museum popular?

Aside from the Mediterranean themed structure of the museum filled with lush greeneries, think of it like Santorini + hanging garden of Babylon mansion combined. It showcases different forms of art. Statues, mixed media arts, various displays of eerie, weird, bizarre, cute, lovely, unique and whatever adjectives you can use to describe the art pieces inside. And also beds, lots of it.


Pinto Art Museum



The infamous Roof Deck of Pinto. Below this area are one of my favorite paintings of 2 women with words blasted around their heads. It may again seem weird, but I also love the details that goes into this skull with roses as a concept. Some may interpret skulls as an evil imagery, but we’ll all look like this in the end anyway. So better have a stare of skulls as an image of ourselves we can’t take selfies of. It’ll be such a beautiful nightmare if we do (name of this artwork).

Pinto Art Museum

Now this is what is a little BIT scary for me, I think there were enemies that looks like this in a Persona game I played. If someone gave me a cabinet like this for free, no thank you, you can keep it. The head is so shiny and smooth by the way.

Pinto Art Museum


One of the oddest looking places inside Pinto Art Museum is ‘The Chapel’. It definitely looks like there is an exorcism going inside there, just by looking from afar. But it is however a different depiction of Christ. There are lots of gardens and fountains outside that are very refreshing to look at in the humid weather in this country.

Pinto Art Museum - The Chapel


Hearing word pieces near the chapel? Follow the sound and you’ll come across a mini garden dedicated to the love of Jose Rizal, our national hero, with his ex-fiance Leonor Rivera and their failed engagement due to Rizal’s letters not reaching his then fiances’. In which, was kept hidden by Leonor’s mother just because she’s been opposed to their affair.

Do you have some feelings you can’t express anywhere or to anyone and just want it kept hidden? Write it in a letter on the desk. Maybe all these letters will be public after a hundred years? I am also not sure where they keep all the letters, but there is a note asking not to open anyone’s letter. Would you want to share your life inside these letters?

Pinto Art Museum - Undelivered Project


Under the Casitas, there’s a parrot, I think this is my first time to see one. There’s a letter asking “Do not stress the parrot”.  But just by looking at him/her, he/she looks quite… already stressed? Or is it just glaring at me?

Pinto Art Museum

‘The Casitas’ area is very posh, if I would have a staycation, I would definitely pick these types of places for a serene, stress free area away from the metro. But for now, I’ll just imagine this is my mansion. These are some of the very LOVELY areas outside the main galleries. 

Pinto Art Museum - The Casitas

Some areas didn’t make me feel like I’m in the Philippines at all! Like this one made me feel like inside a fantasy jungle, with huge leaves along the roads.

Pinto Art Museum


Further inside Pinto Art Museum lies the museum of the Indigenous, wherein tribal artworks is kept inside. These statues reminds me of those like in the Spirited Away movie of Hayao Miyazaki. There were a lot of mini stone statues like this when Chihiro and her family were nearing the tunnel. I love this kind of tribal statues, they’re also cute and also the pattern tapestry of the old times. Those phoenix looking wooden birds is very lovely. I’ve been saying lovely quite a few times now ha-ha, I just don’t know how to express more about how they look and feel to me.

Pinto Art Museum - Indigenous

If you were thinking that there are only galleries inside Pinto Art Museum, there’s also this picturesque view near the cafe. Pinto is not your usual museum, it is a large Santorini-like mansion of arts, is what I’ll call it. And they love putting bells atop.

Pinto Art Museum - The Gardens


Gallery 1 has a massive ceiling containing this mural painting, other average sized paintings hangs all over the walls too. These collections depict the everyday lives of Filipinos. It is more about traditional arts with more of brown hues. And you may notice there are lost boulders on the floors.

Pinto Art Museum - Gallery 1


Different mixed media crafted pieces are housed in this gallery. From this Volkswagen beetle car with a passenger, or this lovely girl dressed in knits or light boxes in x-ray view and other interesting pieces of sculptures.

Pinto Art Museum - Gallery 2


The smallest gallery around, a quaint gallery with pieces of wired sculptures. I was not able to take a picture of the other pieces in here since a lot of people are lined up to take pictures in the sofa. One eye-catching wired piece is of this lovers, very beautifully done like a spider’s web.

Pinto Art Museum - Gallery 3


Gallery 4 seemed more interesting to me. Since I only get to see few eerie and bizarre pieces of art. Like this eerie piece of a chimera looking skull headed dog, coated with gummy looking rose. And this angelic humanoid showing his insides while smiling. Eeky arts are also stored here like this rat filled glass, I won’t try to imagine what it will feel like when this happens. One piece I also like is this cloth art of a dog in the mountains.

Pinto Art Museum - Gallery 4


Galleries 5 feels more like inside the hallways of a Mediterranean palace. With large hallways around where you can rest in the soft sofas if you feel already weary in your tour. This gallery also has contents not suitable for kids, thus there is a note on the door asking anyone to leave the door closed when entering or leaving. One of the rooms in the hallway has this pretty lovely tapestry of bird themed pieces. It leaves a feeling of an animal folktale, or a tribal legend, I want this tapestry!

Pinto Art Museum - Gallery 5


A two storey gallery filled with rooms, it looks like a backpackers hostel I once slept in in Malaysia. If a dorm were to look like this it would be so cool! One room called “Usapang Babae” or  “Girl Talk”, caught my ears. There was a lot of whisperings , I followed my ears and it led me to this mini room, which I would want to be my own bedroom.

Pinto Art Museum - Gallery 6

The upper room was like a living room one with a traditional Spanish/Filipino style furnitures. On the other side is this quirky looking brain seats, filled with different displays of bizarreness.

Pinto Art Museum - Gallery 6


In between Galleries 4 and 5 is ‘The Forest’. A dark room  which at first I thought would be a horror themed art room, but what I saw were bamboos all around. A bamboo- like forest with rocks in a pond and a relaxing music of birds chirping and water dripping. Imagine a samurai practicing his sword in midnight or just plainly meditating. I wanted to go further, but it was just so humid and was a little hard to breathe since lots of people came after I went inside. Imagine the accumulation of all our body’s heat. Beautiful room, but felt like an oven, literally.

Pinto Art Museum - The Forest


Aside from the galleries, enjoy the view at the gardens and the roof top. The picturesque view of the city afar was breathtaking, except of my sweat pouring, due to the summer heat. How high is this place is that you can see the cityscape below? There are beds lined up above and a lost rocking horse in the corner of the rooftop.

Pinto Art Museum - The Gardens


There’s also a cafe inside Pinto called Cafe Rizal, but I’ll make a separate post for that since I want to emphasize the arts more in this post. We went to eat here after the Indigenous museum, I kept asking because I didn’t eat breakfast, and was I so glad I withdrew a little higher amount of cash from my card, the prices were just…..gasp!!

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The Pinto Art Museum has lower rates for students, seniors, people with disabilities and children. Just make sure you bring your valid ID’s for proof.


Php180……Senior Citizens

Php100……Students (If you have no ID, bring your proof of enrollment)

FREE……….Kids below 3 years old

*There are special entrances to the museum that is provided for the elderly and people with disabilities.


Pinto Art Museum is open from Tuesdays to Sundays at 9:00am to 6:00om.


These are some of the routes I know if you are in the Western Metro

From LRT 2 Santolan station:

  • Alight at Santolan station
  • From Santolan station ride an FX to Antipolo, jeepneys are also fine, but it’s much faster riding an FX (Php35)
  • You will be dropped near Antipolo church, there are lots of tricycles in the area which will take you to the Museum (Php40)


  • Ride a UV going to Antipolo. Be dropped off at Ynares Center or near Antipolo Church.
  • Once in Antipolo ride a tricycle to Pinto Art Museum (Php40)

Taking a ride in Santolan station, seems much faster since it is just a few minutes ride away. Going to Antipolo, expect heavy traffic, especially coming from Megamall, the FX ride will pass through Ortigas Ave. Extension, a very high traffic area.


These are the things you should know before your visit in the museum.


You can’t take bulky bags inside the premises or any backpacks. Small sling bags are fine though. You will have to leave your bag to the guard, still, make sure you do not leave any important things behind.


Rules in museums are always no touching of the artworks, may it be paintings, sculptures or any forms of display at all.


Flash Photography is not allowed and taking pictures for personal use is fine, but doing a video shoot is not allowed inside the galleries.

Foods & Drinks

Of course a big NO-NO. We don’t want any accidents happening to the art pieces now, do we?

School Projects

Students must submit a letter of proposal to Pinto Art Museum for their approval. You can email them at

Mobility Access

  • For persons with disabilities, please seek the assistance of the Museum staffs so you can access PWD entrances in the vicinity. Also make sure you are always accompanied by a very responsible person 🙂
  • The Pinto Art Museum is a 1.3 hectare wide land, so ladies, please, just wear flat shoes so you won’t strain your feet.



  • No pets, no smoking and no changing of clothes allowed in the premises.
Pinto Art Museum


Address:  1 Sierra Madre St., Grand Heights, Antipolo, Rizal

Facebook: @PintoArtMuseumOfficial



Pinto Art Museum


I was so hungry I didn’t care where to eat, and I am already in the museum, so better try what food they are serving their visitors. I’ll post my Cafe Rizal review  in a separate blog post. Stay tuned for it!

Pinto Art Museum’s Cafe Rizal Review


Pinto Art Museum

It somehow felt like a garden in the sky

If one would be in a fantasy realm, Pinto Art Museum would be a great spot as a garden. The place exudes a feeling of being in a different place. Truly a must-visit museum!

  • Aside from its architecture, the artworks are awesome, the different genres makes the whole collection exciting
  • This is a perfect dating spot for couples who enjoy art. So add this now to the place you should visit together *wink

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