Pinto Art Museum’s Cafe Rizal Review

Pinto Art Museum’s Cafe Rizal

This is just my personal Cafe Rizal review on my experience eating here last May (2017). I have a copy of the area map, but some images and texts are illegible. So I didn’t see and know that there are some other 2 cafes in the area. Oh well, moving on.

I didn’t have any appropriate breakfast before my trip to Pinto Art Museum, so what would I expect? My stomach is telling me to eat now after a few hours of wandering. I didn’t care how much the food costs, I just want them inside my tummy. Immediately!

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If you’re already around the museum, try one of their cafes and experience their fine dining restaurant. Cafe Rizal is just next to ‘The Chapel’. If you hear a recorded word pieces about Rizal and Leonor, you’re already near.

Pinto Art Museum’s Cafe Rizal Review



Upon looking at their menu, as Chef Gordon Ramsey would say, they need to cut some dishes in their menu. Like, there are more than 10 pages of different dishes from Italian to Japanese, American and even cocktails.

Some of the menu’s names are quite catchy that you might be tempted to order that certain dish. And some are just the restaurant’s unique own recipe I think.

Pinto Art Museum’s Cafe Rizal


They are costly, average you could budget ranges from Php500-2000 for 1- 2 people when you plan to eat a full course menu. Some dishes are good for sharing, better ask the staff what dishes they are so you can cut down on costs.

My advice when dining in Cafe Rizal would be, to go with a friend and share your costs of the food. And also try different dishes.


We ordered an Aglio Olio, a Cinco de Mayo pizza and for dessert, their orange cake (which interested me most because…just keep on reading~


First up is the Cinco de Mayo Pizza, a thin square sliced pizza served on a thick wooden board. Cheese lovers will enjoy this! This pizza is topped with a trio of cheeses of mozzarella, cheddar and cream cheese and a little powder of Parmesan cheese too. For my palette it was rather too salty. I love my pizza balanced with the tomato sauce, for this one, I didn’t taste the sauce at all. It was just like eating cheese on a bread. I think I just had 2 slices of this for a taste since I was already full eating my Aglio e Olio pasta.

Cafe Rizal Review


Their Seafood Aglio e Olio was delish! With spinach on top, they didn’t hesitate to put more seafoods. Mussels, clams, shrimps and later did I find there also chunks of fish in there. It was served in an aluminum foil, I was thinking maybe this pasta is just reheated… hmm.

Cafe Rizal Review


As for our dessert, I love oranges so I asked my friend if orange cake is fine with her. I feel weird that there is an orange flavored cake. So I asked if the icing is orange flavored or if it is a mousse. We were told that there’s no icing, that it has some jelly on top and served with gin and lighted up with fire?! When their staff is serving us our dessert, he poured the gin, fired it up and then it’s flaming!

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Cafe Rizal Review

I think I prefer my cake cold rather than warm. I also don’t drink any alcohol, so I left the bottom part which was moist with gin, since I can’t take the taste. We were curious if we would eat the orange peels on top of the cake, I tasted it, and it was sweet and bitter. Definitely this dessert are not for those with a sweet tooth and doesn’t drink alcohol. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to due to the gin. And warmness because it was fired up, plus the orange peels on top was sweet and then bitter. But kudos since it was moist enough for me, I can’t enjoy dry cakes, at all.

The presentation of the dishes were top notch indeed. But a dish is costly enough to order two dishes for a single person.


I was expecting an air conditioned room, but sadly none of that is inside the Cafe Rizal (by Peppermill). I mean, no area in Pinto Art Museum is air conditioned at all. And so, I searched for a spot where air flows and sat near there.

The tables were decorated with candle lights and the interior of the cafe is a perfect dining experience with your date (without the air condition). The Cafe Rizal interior exudes the aura of a fine dining restaurant.  It felt like a honeymoon resort where you can also dine outside the rooftop and stare at the picturesque view of the area.

Pinto Art Museum’s Cafe Rizal


I am not a fan of cashing out a day’s worth of hard work on one meal. Unless there’s that really special occasion. This time, I was just so hungry and want my tummy to stop complaining of hunger.

The ambiance of the restaurant is superb. It felt like eating in Greece for a summer lunch without the sea view. Truthfully, if I had known beforehand their prices, I might have a second thought eating here, or maybe just buy some dessert. For a very, very regular working employee, it’s too much for my pocket. But the prices are somewhat worthy on how the food tastes and was presented to us.

I might eat here again, only if I am with a group or for a very special moment or when I am in a craving-for-a-dessert day. But for a casual just-want-to-eat day, I’d prefer to eat somewhere else hahaha.


Pinto Art Museum’s Cafe Rizal

The out of town Greece

What more can I say? The place is just oh-so visually appealing. And the pizza is too cheesy, it’s a triple $$$ price tag for the food, but who cares when you’re on a date to impress right?

  • Have you visited the other cafes in Pinto Art Museum? How do they compare?

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