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How to Pay SSS contributions | For Freelancers and Self-Employed

How much, When, Where and How to Pay SSS contributions | For Freelancers or Self-Employed

For Freelancers and Self-employed, you can still continue paying your monthly contributions as a voluntary member. After you’ve left your corporate job that do the payments for you, of course your contributions stop, but what’s good when you’re under a company is that it’s mandatory for them to pay most of it for you. So, when the actual amount to be deducted from you (based on your salary) is P500, they will pay P350 and the other will be deducted from your salary, not bad, as long as they actually give the money to SSS right?

But when you decided to be a full time freelancer or start your own business, you will have to pay for your own SSS benefits personally. Take note that this is voluntary only, not required but you can reap the benefits when you’re old. Don’t know how to pay? Here’s a simple guide on how much, when, where and how to pay your SSS voluntary contributions.

How to Pay SSS contributions - FOR Freelancers or Self-Employed


From the SSS website:

“SSS is committed to provide you and your beneficiaries with prompt, convenient, reliable and meaningful social protection services now and in the future so that you shall receive the benefits due in times of death, disability, old-age, sickness and maternity.”

Let’s just say that it’s a benefit of having a financial support, when something bad happens.. This is really helpful when you retire also, you receive a pension, it’s like depositing cash for future use.


This really depends on how much income you receive monthly. Since you are voluntary, sometimes you can pay only on how much you can give per month. Below is the table you can follow on how much you should pay. Refer to the left and most right part:

LEGEND: EE – Employee   ER – Employer   SE – Self-Employed   VM – Voluntary Member

SSS ContributionTable

**Table of Contributions taken from SSS website.


They have due payments being followed based on the last digit of your SSS number. For Self-Employed (SE) or Voluntary Members (VM), you can pay monthly or quarterly (every 3 months). It’s important not to miss your deadline as they won’t accept your payment for the previous month/s you missed. But you can pay in advance.

Ex. On the month of February, I payed my SSS contributions for January-February-March.

See table to know when is the last day you can pay for yours.

Note: They have a 1 month allowance for you to pay incase you missed a month.

SSS Schedule of Payment and Deadlines

**Table of Schedule of Payments taken from from SSS website.


1. Thru SM Malls Bills Payment section

2. AUTO-DEBIT Arrangement (ADA) on your Bank Account

3. SSS Main Office or Branches



Thru SM Malls Bills Payment section

SM malls have this service, they’ve got it all for us right? SSS, Philhealth, Pagibig and even NSO you can order on their bills payment section. If you prefer to pay here, go to the bills payment section and:

  1. Ask for an SSS voluntary contribution form, I always ask the guard on the entrance, they’ll hand you your request and give you 2 forms of the same copy.
  2. Fill out your SSS details, indicate on what months you are paying for and it’s total amount.
  3. Pay the contribution. Make sure you have your SSS ID or original E-1 pink form, it’s their requirement so they can double check that the number you put on your forms are the same.
  4. After paying they’ll give you the receipt and stapled with it is the other form you filled out.
  5. A text message will notify you that the payment of your SSS contribution is successful.

The actual form they gave me were very hard to read, they used a dot matrix printer.

SSS Contribution Form

AUTO-DEBIT Arrangement (ADA) on your Bank Account

If you hate queueing and personally paying for your contributions, you can have it deducted automatically on your bank account. You should first have an account on the bank and a maintaining balance so you can apply for an SSS Auto-Debit Arrangement. They will only deduct your contribution on the current month every 10th day (this is from BDO, not sure if same from other ADA participating banks). No quarterly or annual options.

List of Participating Banking for ADA Program:

  • Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
  • Banco de Oro Unibank Inc. (BDO)
  • Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP_
  • Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co. (Metrobank)
  • Philippine National Bank (PNB)
  • United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB)
  • Philippine Savings Bank (PSB)

Note that I applied in BDO bank:

  1. Request for an Auto-Debit Arrangement for your SSS on your bank branch. They’ll verify if you have enough balance for the arrangement.
  2. Fill out 4 copies of the form. Indicate how much you want to be deducted on your account monthly. They’ll have you sign on every page.
  3. They’ll give back 2 copies of the form. One for you and the other you will submit to the SSS branch for verification and processing.

I arranged mine in BDO, what I hated about this is after I filled out all the documents, the next day they called me and said I have to personally pass the papers to an SSS branch. I didn’t push through because I realized I can only withdraw thrice on my account and what if there are emergencies? I don’t want to get deducted worth P110 per excess transaction due to over withdrawing. And I don’t want to go to an SSS branch, too far for me.


SSS Main Office or Branches

When I hear, “go to a government branch/office” I usually skip this option, I don’t like waiting thus why I always find other ways to pay my contributions.

Here’s a page you can view for more details about paying at an SSS branch: How To Pay SSS Contributions As A Voluntary Member (A Guide For Filipino Freelancers)



Have not tried here yet, but you can also pay your contributions here.


  • Personally, I recommend paying your government contributions, I have not tried any of their services yet, but in case of emergencies at least you got a financial back up
  • Pay your dues on a weekday, early morning so you don’t have to wait in long lines. You can save a lot of time.
  • Always remember to pay before your due date so you won’t miss any months. They don’t do retroactive payments.
  • Always keep the receipt and forms they give back so you have proofs incase you don’t see your contribution posted online.

The process is really simple and straightforward after you’ve tried it once.