Parque España Hotel: Review | The Homey Hotel

Parque España Hotel: Review | A Homey Hotel

When I came here in Parque España Hotel, I never expected to feel at home in a hotel. It was for a company face-to-face meeting that I get to experience staying at this hotel for 3 days and 2 nights. I was thinking that the rooms they will book for us will just consist of a bed and a bathroom, to my surprise, the moment I opened our room, it was just WHOA! IT’S A SWEET SUITE LIFE.

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Parque España Hotel: Review | A Homey Hotel


Parque España Hotel offers homey suites, with a living room, dining area, separate bedroom/s and a fully equipped kitchen. Yes. A fully equipped kitchen~ Of course a suite is not complete without a free wifi, cable TV, an outdoor pool and a roof deck restaurant with al fresco seating. The skyline view from the roof is beautiful, and the area quiet, perfect for a relaxing getaway for couples.

Parque España Hotel: Review | A Homey Hotel

If ever you or your group wants a staycation or a hotel to book for your special event just around Alabang City, this hotel is to watch for. With great amenities and spacious rooms, what you will find inside your house, you will find here. Plus, the location of the hotel is convenient, as it is nearby malls, another additional point is the hotel has FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE! As long as it is around the area.

By the name of the hotel, España, the decorative theme inside the lobby is detailed with colorful tiles, reminiscent of the Mediterranean. With a welcoming, vibrant color of their furnishings. Once you have checked-in, they will give you your room card together with your WiFi Passwords.

Parque España Hotel: Review | A Homey Hotel


  • Run of House
  • One-Bedroom Suite
  • Executive One-Bedroom Suite
  • Business Executive Suite
  • Two-Bedroom Premiere
  • Family Two-Bedroom Suite
  • Three-Bedroom Apartment

They offer different kinds of suites from a regular, family, business and apartment types. The room we were given by the company was an Executive one-bedroom suite, it was really spacious and I love it! You can literally run around from our bedroom to the living room. Our room had a deep brown earth-colored theme, which gave me a somewhat serious vintage feeling, and a quiet nature.

First off, from the entrance, the room was a welcoming, spacious dining area, and around the corner, the living room with a wide HD TV and a comfy sofa. The dining area is complete with plates and other utensils you can use that is good for 4 persons.

Parque España Hotel: Review | A Homey Hotel

No need to problem the toiletries, they have the complete set inside the bathroom. Towels, shampoos, toothbrush, cotton buds and even a shaving kit! Parque España has it all served for you.

Parque España Hotel: Review | A Homey Hotel

If you will be staying for a few days, and feeling a little stingy paying for expensive restaurants, mind you that most of the restaurants outside the hotel does not come cheap. You can use the kitchen and cook your own food and save much money than dining outside.

Parque España Hotel: Review | A Homey Hotel

The queen size bed was comfortable even though there was only one set of slippers in the closet to use. The bedroom took some time to cool since the air conditioner was below on the side of the foot of the bed. In summer season, imagine yourself rolling up under the blankets in an air conditioned room. Isn’t that a nice thought? Aside from that, there’s a TV in the room and the closet has a safe to keep our valuables behind when we’re out.

Parque España Hotel: Review | A Homey Hotel

Since our company booked us per 2 persons in a room, I also get to visit the others. I even thought we had the best room, because we’re on the 14th floor and it was too spacious. The room way below us had a brighter, vibrant room, and looks newly refurbished too. It was better than ours, but smaller in square meters. The first impression of the room for me was a Mexican theme interior, though of course not actually a Mexican, it was just my thought.

Walking inside their kitchen, the tiles were like…glowing! It’s so new and clean that it looks like their sparkling.

Parque España Hotel: Review | A Homey Hotel


  • In-house restaurant (Bistro Del Cielo)
  • Outdoor pool
  • Massage
  • Fitness Center


Bistro del Cielo, which is actually the in-house restaurant of Parque España Hotel located on the roof of the building and is actually a breakfast buffet. The food was good, especially since it’s a buffet. A. BUFFET. The times we were in the hotel, the actual restaurant place of Bistro del Cielo became our meeting room and there was still a buffet offered so anytime we go hungry during our seminar, we can just pick food. I especially love their CHURROS!  I ate a few too many, I love sweets, and this dessert is too yummy.

Parque España Hotel: Review | A Homey Hotel


In case you are expecting a large pool, DON’T. The pool is located in the room of the hotel and is quite small. Though the cityscape view makes up for it in a little way, it’s better to dip in the pool at a time wherein there’s not many people around. It feels a little crowded especially since there are also kids playing around.

Parque España Hotel: Review | A Homey Hotel


I saw the fitness center and it’s just next to the lobby at the entrance, just didn’t get to visit this area since our time was filled with business related activities.


♦ Address: 5309 East Asia Drive, Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang Muntinlupa City

♦ Landline: (02) 850 5847

♦ Website:

♦ Instagram:


Parque España Hotel’s amenities are consistent. Whichever room you reserve or book, it’s all the same, the layout and theme of the room just varies.

Apart from that, a few of us had problems with our room key cards. One time we can’t go inside our room for the door can’t seem to read our cards. The cleaning staffs in the other room were kind enough to help us to get inside. We called the front desk, they went up our room and told us that we should avoid putting our room cards in our pants’ pockets.

All in all the rooms Parque España Hotel offers are cosy though the old room looks quite outdated and too dark for my taste. It’s still a great staycation and better yet, they have bed weather promos for the rainy days! The season where beds become much too comfortable, and perfect for cuddles with your loved ones.

Oh, if you are a sweet tooth like me, just in front of the hotel is e-commerce center, where you can dine inside The Bingsu – a Korean dessert perfect for a summer refuge.

The Bingsu - Strawberry Bingsu


Parque España Hotel: Review | A Homey Hotel

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