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JAPAN TRAVEL HACK: What is Osaka Amazing Pass?

Osaka Amazing Pass 2016

Takoyaki, okonomiyaki, sushi trains, these are only some of the famous things in Osaka. If you’re the type who prefers energizing, youthful activities when in Japan, this is your recommended place to stay!

Osaka is a big place and as a tourist it’s overwhelming on how to get from one place to another with limited budget especially on train fares. Thankfully, Japan offers OSAKA AMAZING PASS. If you’re a first time visitor in Osaka planning to explore most of the city, BUY THIS PASS. This is a convenient pass with unlimited train rides and free entries on select top destinations in Osaka.

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But if you prefer cultural activities with plenty of nature’s beauty to see like Kyoto and Nara and as far as Nagoya, save costs too with Kintetsu Rail Pass. It also offers unlimited train and bus rides with discounts on selected tourist spots.


Imagine the places you want to go to in Osaka. Now, one thing you’ll notice is they’re all around and you need to get back and forth on your commute, it consumes your fare budget, right?

Basically Osaka Amazing Pass is a transportation ticket and an admission ticket on selected sightseeing facilities. Its offer includes:

  • Unlimited rides on subway lines, trams and buses
  • Free entry on 35 sightseeing facilities
  • Discounts on selected restaurants and shops
  • A handy guidebook

You get to explore the whole of Osaka in a cost-effective way with this pass. Much like Kintetsu Rail Pass, but this one is within Osaka only.

Osaka Amazing Pass 2016 Guidebook


There are 2 kinds of Osaka Amazing Pass, the 1 Day Pass and the 2 Day Pass. Both pass includes all offers. Their only differences are:

1 Day Pass (2,500 yen)

This one has a wider coverage on subway lines and private railways but can only be used for a day.

2 Day Pass (3,300 yen)

Private lines are not available with this pass but can be used for 2 consecutive days.

NOTE: You can buy this pass in advance and use it after days. Check the official website for the subway lines you are allowed to travel.

Osaka Amazing Pass 2016 tickets and coupons


  • You can use the pass from 5am-4:59am the next day
  • For the 2 day pass, you must use it on 2 consecutive days, once you use the ticket it will run a continuous timer up to the second day
  • Cannot be used on JR and Kintetsu train lines
  • the pass can only be used once for each tourist site
  • If you are landing in Kansai Airport, please note that this ticket cannot be used from there


YES. If you want to visit most places in Osaka. There are many sights to see aside from the offered 35 select destinations. It has unlimited rides on the subways and you can alight at any stations you want and explore from there. Your 3,300 yen pass can worth double depending on how you use it and you can save huge amounts on your train fares which is a major plus.

NO. If the places you want to visit are just near each other, and you have no intention of visiting farther places. Osaka is wide and commuting takes time, you have to be fast to get to many places. If you’re a traveler who visits one place and takes your time exploring every nook-and-cranny this is not for you. Using this pass requires you to travel to lots of places in a day, that is what makes this ticket worth it.


The answer? It really depends on the pace you want and how you plan to maximize the use of Osaka Amazing Pass. We bought the 2 day pass, visited some of the free spots and saved a lot just with the fares. I spent 3,300 yen on the ticket, but the actual worth after I used this pass is more than double.

Osaka Amazing Pass Santa Maria Day Cruise


You can either buy them in Japan or online where it’s hassle free.

  • Subway stations in Osaka: They’re available at all subway stations in Osaka, Tourist Information centers and at some hotels.
  • Travel agencies in your country: Depending on your country, 2 day passes are sold in travel agencies.
  • Buy them online in Klook: For less hassle when you enter Osaka, you can buy your pass via Klook. The redemption of your passes can be in Osaka Airport Terminal 1 or in JR Namba station. More details can be found in Klook website.
  • Osaka Amazing Pass website: You can go to the official website for more information about the sales locations of Osaka Amazing Pass.


They have additional spots you can visit, from 28 to 35 available facilities.

Some areas are not available year round, and sometimes they might be closed, especially near end December when I visited Osaka.

Osaka Amazing Pass

Most of the places were closed, but my 2 day pass is still worth it, I got to see 7 from this list in 2 days. We changed hotels so we only went to Naniwa no Yu onsen the second day, but if we did, maybe it would be another 7 spots for us.

1. Umeda Sky Building Floating Garden

2. HEP FIVE Ferris Wheel

3. The Museum of Oriental Ceramics Osaka

4. Osaka Science Museum

5. Natural Hot Spring Naniwa no Yu

6. Osaka Museum of Housing and Living

7. Tombori River Cruise

8. Tombori River JAZZ Boat

9. Dotonbori ZAZA

10. Kamigata Ukiyo-e Museum

11. Entrepreneurial Museum of Challlenge and Innovation

12. Osaka Castle Museum

13. Osaka Castle Nishinomaru Garden

14. Osaka Museum of History

15. Peace Osaka (Osaka International Peace Center)

16. Tsutenkaku Tower

17. Shitennoji Temple

18. Osaka Zoo

19. Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts

20. Nagai Botanical garden

21. Osaka Museum of Natural History

22. Sakuya Konohana Kan

23. Natural Open-air Hot Spring Spa Suminoe

24. Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel

25. Santa Maria Day Cruise Ship

26. Santa Maria Twilight Cruise

27. Captain Line

28. Osaka Prefectural Government Sakishima Building Observatory

29. Osaka Suijyo Bus (Aqua Liner)

30. Okawa River Sakura Cruise

31. Nakanoshima Night-View Cruise

32. Osaka Suijyo Bus Temmabashi Cruise

33. Osaka-jo Gozabune Boat

34. LEGOLAND Osaka

35. Umeda Joypolis wild river


Places we get to visit with free admission using Osaka Amazing Pass:

#1 Umeda Sky Building Floating Garden

Regular Fee: 800 yen

This is a pair of connected skyscrapers 173m high with a 350° view on the rooftop observatory overlooking the cityscape of Osaka. It was night time when we arrived here, I didn’t see any garden. At all. or maybe there’s a floor for that?

Osaka Amazing Pass Umeda Sky Building
Osaka Amazing Pass Umeda Sky Building
Osaka Amazing Pass Umeda Sky Building


#2 HEP FIVE Ferris Wheel

Regular Fee: 500 yen

I was amazed that this Ferris Wheel is on top of a mall! I think this was a 15 minute ride. There are a lot of restaurants, especially dessert shops inside the mall.

Osaka Amazing Pass HEP FIVE Ferris Wheel


#5 Natural Hot Spring Naniwa no Yu

Regular Fee: 800 yen

No pictures because this is an onsen. Full nudes. 

It has an outdoor and indoor bath. You can avail a towel for 500 yen if you’re too shy to walk around naked. We bought a towel.


#7-8 Tombori River Cruise

Regular Fee: 900 yen (day cruise) / 1,800 yen (night cruise)

I just saw the Tombori river, but didn’t get to ride on their cruise. It’s both available as a 20 minute morning cruise and 40 minute night cruise with live jazz performance.

Osaka Amazing Pass Tombori river Cruise


#24 Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel

Regular Fee: 800 yen

It’s a giant because this is one of the largest Ferris wheel! It is 112.5 meters in height, available in transparent gondolas for the thrill-seekers. We wanted to ride on a transparent one but we would have to wait long minutes so we just went inside whatever’s available.

Osaka Amazing Pass Tempozan Ferris Wheel


#25 Santa Maria Day Cruise Ship

Regular Fee: 1,600 yen

It’s in the same location as Captain Line, where you can view Osaka bay and has a longer cruise time. Go cruise like a pirate!

Osaka Amazing Pass Santa Maria Day Cruise


#27 Captain Line

 Regular Fee: 1,300 yen (Roundtrip)

1,300 yen (One-way)

This is a 30 minute round-trip shuttle ferry ride going to Universal Studios Japan. But we didn’t go there, we just saw the buildings from afar. One-way ride is 10 minutes.

Osaka Amazing Pass Captain Line

Santa Maria Day cruise is worth 1,600 yen, and that’s half the price of the 2 day pass already. Captain line is 1,100  yen for a round trip cruise. But with Osaka Amazing Pass you have free admission to these places. The Tempozan Ferris wheel is a 45 minute long ride and the view is breathtaking. Is it still not worth it?

I highly recommend this pass if you ever get to Osaka and would like to visit the places on their list. You get to explore different experiences, plus it’s almost free! See how costly per attractions is, you might say Osaka is too expensive, Japan is too expensive, but if you find this pass before your departure, ask yourself do I want to get the most out in Osaka?

Well, this post is your answer. Get your Visa now!



Osaka Amazing Pass 2016

Do try this pass if you're on a budget

I was very skeptical of this pass first, but after using it, heck yea! TOTALLY WORTH IT! I get to experience things in an almost FREE way.

  • It’s kind of hard to understand how the pass works, but it’s really not!
  • It is best to list the places you want to visit, plan them out first before using the pass, so that you can explore Osaka in a not so jumbled way
  • Have more questions? Comment down below, I’ll answer to the best of my knowledge

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