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Nadai Fujisoba Review

Craving for a taste of Japan? Udon, soba, curry, croquettes, katsudon and tempura are just some of the dishes served in Nadai Fujisoba. Believe me, the taste of the udon I ordered here is really close to those I have eaten in Kyoto, the chewiness is just too perfect. As I was gobbling down these mouthwatering noodles, I felt a slight longing of my most favorite country. It’s the taste of Japan!!

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If ever you want a taste of Japan in an affordable restaurant here in Manila, Nadai Fujisoba is your safe bet. And it’s just located in SM Mall of Asia. You surely won’t be disappointed.



Nadai Fujisoba’s menu has more of noodle dishes than rice meals, it’s just sad that their desserts only have 2 to choose from. They have a lot of noodle dishes to choose from, with different topping from tempura to kaki age and even curry flavor. When ordering your noodle dish, your server will ask you which type of noodle you prefer. Two options to choose from, being soba or udon, hot or cold.

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Udon are thick wheat noodles that are chewy, soft and smooth. The udon noodles served to me tasted so fresh, like a newly baked bread. They say that udon noodles are a good choice for strong-flavored dishes, I just prefer udon over soba, ALWAYS. Whilst the Soba noodles are thin, and made from buckwheat flour. Its texture is kinda rough and usually brownish in color. If you don’t like chewy noodles this is your best bet, it can be compared to spaghetti noodles.

Nadai Fujisoba Review

They have Donburi rice meals such as Katsu don which is from pork, if you are a seafood lover they have Ten don, a dish prawn tempura, squid and fish. Gyu don has sliced beef if you prefer beef over pork or seafood. I wanted to taste their potato croquettes, but I got full after eating the noodle dish I ordered.

If you are thinking if ordering their sodas, skip it. They are served canned, not worth the price.


Here are some of the dishes we ordered dining in Nadai Fujisoba. I wanted to most of them, but I easily got full since I also ate Takoyaki beforehand.


Nadai Fujisoba’s top seller noodles are Aka Fuji  and Niku Fuji (not spicy). They are almost the same, just that Aka Fuji is a spicy. Aka Fuji’s soup version has sliced beef, red miso paste with chili, half-boiled egg, onion leeks and wakame seaweed. Just reading these ingredients, Aka Fuji will definitely satiate your appetite. I didn’t get to taste this one since I was so full from eating my Horensou udon, but my friends really like it, so I guess their comments are the reason why it’s a top seller.

Nadai Fujisoba Review


Fish fIakes, spinach, leeks, wakame seaweed. Just some of my top favorite ingredients in a Japanese dish, and so, I defnitely ordered the Horensou Udon which has all of them. I’m a veggie type of person and I’ll always order the dish filled with vegetables, always. My usual thoughts when ordering this kind of dishes is, it might taste bland, but for this one? OISHIII DESU YO.

Nadai Fujisoba Review


Thinking I can still eat my after finishing my Horensou udon, I ordered a mini curry don. I just tasted some, but didn’t quite get to it a lot, since I was so full from my udon. We were notified by the server beforehand while taking our order that this curry has no meat, just curry sauce and rice and also some Japanese pickles. They also serve large curry don.

Nadai Fujisoba Review


It was summer and I was so parched that the sour Mango shake I ordered tasted so good. Yes, my mango shake was served, repeating again, sour. I hate sour fruit shakes when it’s supposed to be sweet. But my famished throat needs to drink, and so I finished drinking my shake before finishing my Horensou udon thus I didn’t get to completely consume my curry don.


This is definitely more weird than the Matcha ice cream. It tasted like a mix of coconut and a very watery pudding. I just took a bite and decided I don’t like this one, too watery or whatever.


As for dessert, Matcha ice cream. Tastes weird at first, it’s like it was made with powdered green tea blended with condensed milk. It kinda tasted nice after a few spoonful of tasting trying to capture if this dessert is good or weird for me. Though I still can’t quite decide with its taste, the texture I quite like.

Nadai Fujisoba Review


Dining here is quite affordable since a single dish of noodles can make you already full. And the price differs in ranges for the noodle dishes depending on what toppings you prefer, the higher price comes from Aka Fuji which is Php280, but there are simple udon/soba that is just P180. Budget when dining here would be around Php300-500 as they have service charge.


Their serving is a little generous and I’m happy with the taste, it made me miss Japan. So far, the only comment I can say is “they should serve me a sweet, fresh mango shake”. And the Sobacha pudding’s taste is weird. Good thing is, my Horensou udon is almost perfect, my curry tasted good too, definitely a place to come by again and try the potato croquette next time.

When I said generous, it’s this kind of generous, too much spinach from my Horensou udon.

Nadai Fujisoba Review


Nadai Fujisoba is available in the following malls:

  • Bonifacio High Street
  • Lucky Chinatown Mall
  • SM Aura Premier
  • SM Mall of Asia (where we dined)
  • SM City North EDSA
  • SM Megamall

*This post is written personally by me with no relation whatsover to the store’s owner/s, this is basically my own dining experience in this place.


Nadai Fujisoba Review

Firm yet soft, tasty but not overwhelming

I’ll never forget my first bite of their udon in Fujisoba. Two thumbs up for them, I really enjoyed my noodles. Definitely worth a 2nd visit!

  • Any other Japanese restaurants that’s worth visiting multiple times? Teriyaki Boy was my favorite but the taste is not the same as before recently. The California Maki, not as enjoyable as before.

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