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Steps on How to Get a Philippine Passport – For First Time Applicants and Lost Passports

How to apply for a Philippine Passport

Thinking of traveling to exotic destinations and starting your own journey on exploring the big wild world? Or visit different cities while working abroad? and maybe you just want to chill on a luxurious faraway island? (Maldives, for example..) All you need to do first is… GET A PASSPORT! Yep, the oh so important Philippine Passport if you want to go anywhere around the world. Whether you’re a first time applicant or had lost your passport like me, here’s an idea and steps on how to get a Philippine Passport.



  • For lost passports, replacing them is almost the same as applying as a First Time Applicant
  • Better complete your requirements in advance before setting up an appointment in DFA, it lessens the headache. I went back thrice…
  • This guide is for first time applicants and those who have lost their passports


Philippines passport requirements


If you don’t have any issued ID’s and is in a rush (like I was), this is the only challenging part because you won’t know when you will have it. Because we’re in the Philippines, releasing them may take a looot~ of time. Below are the list of requirements needed for your successful passport application.


1. NSO or Original Birth Certificate.

Here are easier options to get this.

OPTION 1: Order your NSO online for P350.00, it will be delivered via courier within 2-3 working days.

OPTION 2: SM Malls Bills Payment section offers this and costs only P140.00 and P20.00 service fee. You can pick it up after a week, or have it delivered (with an  additional fee of course).


2. Valid Government Issued ID’s and Supporting Documents

They only accept digitized ID’s. TIN and Philhealth are not acceptable, mine were rejected. * Click below for the lists of ID’s they accept. (List are from the DFA website)

• Digitized SSS ID

• Driver’s License

• GSIS E-card




• Digitized BIR ID

• Senior Citizen’s ID

• Unified Multi-Purpose ID

• Voter’s ID

(Old documents issued at least one year prior to date of application that show correct name, date and place of birth, picture and signature of applicant)

• PSA Marriage Contract

• Land Title

• Seaman’s Book

• Elementary or High School Form 137 or Transcript of Records with readable dry seal

• Government Service Record

NBI Clearance

•  Police Clearance

• Barangay Clearance

• Digitized Postal ID

• Readable SSS-E1 Form or Microfilmed Copy of SSS-E1 Form

• Voter’s Certification, List of Voters and Voter’s Registration Record (please attach receipt)

• School Yearbook

3. FOR LOST PASSPORTS: Get a Notarized Affidavit of Loss

With detailed explanation on when, where and how your passport got lost.You can get one at a Notary Public, mine was worth Php300. Ouch. This will have a lawyer’s signature and a dry seal. * make sure to double check that there are no mistakes written on your document.

  • If passport is still valid, submit police report
  • Photocopy of first page of lost passport (if available)


 4. Photocopy of all your ID’s and original documents

Remember to photocopy all the documents you will be submitting, you can photocopy them on the DFA branch, but it’ll cost you more. It is advised to have them copied outside.

Philippines passport DFA Appointment schedule

STEP 2: Schedule an online appointment with DFA

Go to the DFA website to make an appointment. After filling out your details, check your email for their confirmation and have your Application form printed on a legal size paper.

* I picked SM Megamall as my preferred branch since it was close to my office before, better pick a schedule on a weekday to avoid long queues (there was no line on the day I successfully completed mine).

DFA branch - How to get a Philippine Passport

STEP 3: Proceed to your selected DFA branch

Arrive 30 minutes ahead your confirmed scheduled time. Late comers are not entertained. Make sure you have all your documents with you including all the photocopies, and your cash!


  1. THE ENTRANCE: A guard at the entrance door will check your application form to see if you are on your scheduled time and date. They’ll direct you to the next counter.
  2. APPOINTMENT COUNTER: Here they will scan the barcode on your application form.
  3. PROCESSING AREA: They will check if you have all the correct and complete requirements. If you’re good to go, they’ll ask you if you prefer regular (10 working days) or express processing (20 working days). After this proceed to…
  4. PASSPORT ENROLLMENT SECTION: You’ll just pay here the kind of passport processing you chose. Regular (P950) or Express (P1,200). Next step would be the…
  5. ENCODING SECTION: Organize yourself. Brush your hair, look at the mirror, you’ll have your photo taken right here and light make-ups only for women! They’ll have you remove excess make-up like the woman who were with us on DFA. Here you’ll give all the required documents. Double check that the information they encoded on the screen are all correct. And they will not return all the documents you gave them…I was kinda surprised, my NSO was worth P350, oh well.
  6. IF YOU PREFER TO HAVE IT DELIVERED (optional): Proceed to the Delivery Counter and pay the required fees.
  7. YOU’RE DONE! But not for those who preferred to pick-up their passports~


  • P950 – Normal Processing (20 working days)
  • P1,200 – Express Processing (10 working days)


  • Personal Appearance is required since you’ll have your picture taken at the Encoding Section
  • They have a no appointment, no entry policy. Except kids, you can take them with you.
  • Photocopy all your ID’s and original documents
  • Dress appropriately. They won’t let you inside if you wore clothes with spaghetti straps, flip flops, shorts, well you know the others.
  • Do not wear heavy make-up on your face, you’ll just waste your effort because they’ll have you remove it. Earrings will also be removed before they take your picture.
  • Schedule on a weekday to avoid long queues.

Aaaaaannnd DONE! I hope I explained it well. Getting your passport is easy as long as you have your requirements beforehand. If you have any suggestions or additional information just leave a message below. Don’t mind my English I’m still practicing! (but feel free to teach me, for free).  Good luck to all getting your Philippine Passport. To our future endeavors!

Steps on How to Get a Philippine Passport: For First Time Applicants and Lost Passports


Steps on How to Get a Philippine Passport

What was your experience like?

I did have some troubles on my first 2 visits applying for my Philippine passport. Both due to lack of requirements and it was a bit of a hassle not only physically but also on my time.

  • What was your experience?
  • Was it smooth? Or did you stumble on some problems too while applying for yours?

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  • Fiorucci

    Hey Reima 🙂
    You might wanna try contacting DFA by phone call, for more details on how to contact them visit their website here ->

    It’s also an option to try applying for another appointment then use a new email 🙂 Hope this helps!

  • Ruby r carino

    Hello po mam..panu kong ang midle name wala ko..peo sa baba po nso name of child merun po naman..pwedi po ba accept for passport..need lang po kasi…

    • Fiorucci

      Hi Ruby 🙂 Apologies but I cannot answer your question, it will depend on the staff at the DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) after they have checked your NSO. Give it a try and see, maybe that’s okay and you can get your passport. Goodluck!

      • Ruby r carino

        Ok thank you sir/ mam….i will try on nextweek

        • Analyn Mamades

          Hello ma’m. Just ask lng po kung hlimbawa po pag nag apply next month, sure po ba within 2 months hawak mo na passport mo?…

          • Hi Analyn,
            Not sure if I remember this correctly but I remember that you will be given a certain date when you can get your passport 😀 Although it will still depend on DFA when they can actually release it. I’m certain it won’t be delayed too much just like the other Philippine government issued ID’s. Hope this helps 🙂