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DIY Daranak Falls in Tanay: Travel Guide

DIY Daranak Falls

Try a side trip to Daranak Falls, a cheap getaway whenever you’re in Tanay, Rizal. The area is near the metro, and is easily accessible — the only con here is… when it’s a summer weekend, expect the crowd. We went here on a sudden after trekking in Tinipak river, we had lots of time for another activity so we decided to visit Daranak Falls directly.

DIY Daranak Falls

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Expecting a serene and relaxing place, we were welcomed with huge crowds at the entrance. As an employee, I totally forgot that it is the summer vacation month for the kids Topped that it’s the weekend afternoon, well, what would you expect? CROWDS.



Daranak is located in Barangay Tandang Kutyo in the town of Tanay in the province of Rizal, almost an hour away from Tanay public market.

The place is a preserved natural vegetation with lush greenery. The ponds, river and waterfall cascading through its surrounding plants are pleasant to the eyes. From the bridge at the entrance and straight to the right side is the 14-meter high waterfall flowing into a 30ft. deep catch basin. I noticed that there are wood trunk barriers that makes the water overflow.

DIY Daranak Falls

The view that I saw since there are lots of visitors swimming was sadly… murky. We were sulking since our expectation was a turquoise colored water where we could just float along and relax. But the surroundings are a plus point, the trees near the waterfall shaded us from the sun, and looking up from the catch basin, Daranak falls shows you its beauty covered in its forest.

DIY Daranak Falls

Our group was not aware that on the left side of Daranak Falls and  a few hikes away was Batlag Falls, a quieter, less crowded and less maintained also — as what I have read on the internet. Though it’s another entrance fee since it’s privately owned.

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Daranak Falls is cheap and easily accessible, though I don’t recommend visiting on a summer afternoon on a weekend, or any weekend at all. Swimming would be less enjoyable since you’ll inevitably bump with someone. Unless you’re fine sharing spaces with the others and waiting in a long queue in the shower room.

DIY Daranak Falls


Here’s what to expect when planning your escapade here:

  • Daranak Falls is open 7 days a week
  • You can reach Daranak Falls via private vehicles, there are parking spaces just outside the area
  • Alcoholic beverages are strictly not allowed (thankfully their strict about these things)
  • Loud music is also not allowed. Yay! (the sound of nature is your music)
  • Visit at an early time to avoid the flock of people
  • Camping is not allowed
  • There are cottages, souvenir shops, restaurants and a canteen
  • Remember to bring your change of clothes 😉
DIY Daranak Falls


Swimming: The are optional places to go swimming, the waterfall area, of course is more populated. You can bring your own life jacket or life buoys (salbabida).

Cook your own food: There are stores and a canteen where you can buy food, but if you wanna be a chef for a day, there’s a grilling area where you can bring fresh meat or fish to cook. Or ask them to cook for you, depending on what’s available.

Hike to Batlag Falls: A few minute hike and you can  reach Batlag Falls in the same area, with a separate entrance fee.


Daranak Falls is open daily from 8am to 5pm.

Entrance Fees: *They don’t accept refunds.

  • Adult……..Php50
  • Children…Php50

Rental Fees:

  • Picnic Shed……….…..….…Php300
  • Picnic Table………….…..….Php200
  • Lifebuoys (salbabida).….Php50
  • Life jacket…………..…..…….Php50 


  • Shower room…..Php10
  • Locker…………….Php50
  • Parking Fee………Php50
DIY Daranak Falls


Via Public Transportation:

From EDSA Starmall: Ride a UV Express van or a jeepney and ask the driver to drop you off at Tanay public market. UV fare is Php70.

  • From Tanay public market: Ride a tricycle to Brgy. Daraitan, you can be dropped off exactly at the Barangay since there’s a bridge now where the tricycles can ride across. Tricycle fare from Tanay market to Brgy. Daraitan is Php500.
  • From Brgy. Daraitan: If doing this as a sidetrip. Fare from Brgy. Daraitan to Daranak Falls is Php500, rates are given by Tanay’s tourism office.

You can cut costs the more you are in a group since you are gonna be sharing.

DIY Daranak Falls


Here is sample itinerary if you prefer some other adrenaline activity like Tinipak River or if you just have too much time to venture within Tanay, Rizal. 

05:00     Ride UV Express Van from EDSA Starmall to Tanay

06:30     Tricycle ride from Tanay public market to Barangay Daraitan

07:00     Start of trek to Tinipak River (with little stop overs for picture taking)

09:00     Spelunking in the cave

09:30     Start of trek to the river area

10:00     Swim and play in the river + a few picture taking

11:00     Back to the camping ground

11:30     Lunch

12:00    Back to Brgy. Daraitan

01:00    Side trip to Daranak Falls


If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you can read my post here about hiking the summit of Mt. Daraitan and trekking Tinipak river, they’re just an hour away from Daranak Falls by tricycle. You can trek first in Tinipak river and do a little side trip here after.

DIY Tinipak River

Or if you prefer to just explore the area near Daranak Falls, there’s:

  • Batlag Falls (Php 100 entrance fee) and
  • Calinawan cave (Php20)

On a regular day, not summer, not also a weekend, I want to give this place another visit, maybe at that time I might fall in love with the place. It was a sudden plan on a summer weekend, lots of kids are playing in the river and groups of friends and family invade the place and I just  wanted to see more of nature. The adventure here is not yet complete, Calinawan Cave and Batlag falls are still unexplored in my eyes.


DIY Daranak Falls

What were your experiences here?

Mine were a bit disappointing as you can see…and read. Someday, maybe, I might visit this waterfall again at an uncrowded time.

  • Any other falls that you’ve visited?
  • Tinipak river is a wonderful spot for a trek activity. Do try spelunking there too!


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