Create Your Own Takoyaki At Kenshin Restaurant!!

Create Your Own Takoyaki At Kenshin Restaurant

Are you a Takoyaki lover? If so, once in your life you must have wanted to try cooking it, aside from eating an authentic one in Japan. The good news is there’s a restaurant in Makati that lets you create your own Takoyaki!!! That’s right mate, at Kenshin Restaurant  you can create and cook your own Takoyaki. Cook them like a master chef does! No need to fret since they will provide the ingredients and the complete materials you will need.

Create Your Own Takoyaki At Kenshin Restaurant

This is a must-try hands-on cooking activity if you are a Japanese cuisine lover like me. And let me share with you, THIS IS SUPER DUUUPER WORTH IT!!! Read on to know how me and my friends’ experience went on cooking our Takoyaki at Kenshin Restaurant~


Kenshin Restaurant offers a variety of dishes to their customers. They have different kinds of sushi, noodle dishes, desserts and almost all popular Japanese foods you can think of.

For those visiting in a big batch, they offer budget combo dishes that are great for sharing. Going there with your gang is preferably better since the prices of their dishes are somewhat pricey. Even an Onigiri costs Php99 and the images of their noodle dishes on the menu looks subpar for their price.  I’ll not give the details in general since I’ll be describing each dish we ordered.


These are the food we have tried and the most exceptional thing is still the Takoyaki that you can cook yourself. As for the others, well, let’s talk about them each of them.


Price: Php189

The first thought that came to my mind when they served my California Roll was, “why is it so pale?”. I’ve tried a lot of California Maki’s before and this one really is odd-looking for me. Aside from its paleness, the rolls do not have a distinct taste that will make you order them again. It tastes like the dish, but it’s nothing special, even the color of the wasabi is pale.

Create Your Own Takoyaki At Kenshin Restaurant

The positive thing is, the slices of the rolls are big, but  easily swallowable. Somehow I can’t taste the ingredients used, it lacks taste all in all. And the presentation of the food looks quite messy. But, that’s just me being obsessive at how they present my food to me.


Price: Php199

There was only a piece of the roll left when they let me try it, and again it tasted so-so. The roll has a cucumber and cream cheese filling. I’m actually not sure, but I’m positive it’s a cream cheese or something along the line. It’s another overpriced dish since the slices of the braised pork are thin and small and costs Php199. Considering the fillings are not that much.

Create Your Own Takoyaki At Kenshin Restaurant


Price: Php249

There are six slices of salmon when you order this sashimi. I tasted a little, but felt like I was eating human meat so I stopped there. I’m not a fan of sashimi so I’ll just state here what my friends think about this dish.

Friend 1: “It melts in your mouth, but lacks taste.”

Friend 2: “Rates it 4 out of 5.” But said she prefers the Chashu roll more.

Me: Tasted a bit. Felt like eating some kind of raw meat that I shouldn’t even eat.

Create Your Own Takoyaki At Kenshin Restaurant


Price: Php299

This is the main reason we went to Kenshin restaurant. We prefer to experience cooking our own Takoyaki! Of course I did not regret this, it’s very fun and you’ll really learn how to cook this popular street food. If you don’t have any experience like us, the staff will assist you in cooking.

When you order this, they will neatly lay out all the ingredients and utensils you will need. The ingredients are fresh, complete and are quite enough for the number of Takoyaki you can cook. The Takoyaki pan can cook 16 pieces in a single batch, which is great for 3-5 people sharing.

Create Your Own Takoyaki At Kenshin Restaurant

There are a total of ingredients that you can put onto your Takoyaki. These are the pickled ginger, onion springs, corns, crab meat, diced octopus and something like a flake for an additional taste. For the topping, they have the fish flakes and the diced nori plus the tasty Takoyaki sauce! YUMMY! The batter is already prepared and ready to be poured on the pan. So, yeah, all of these are provided by the restaurant. You will just need to pour and put all the ingredients in place when you’re ready to cook.

My friends were so hungry so I cooked by myself with some assistance from the kind staff. Prior to this I also ate some Takoyaki because I was very hungry, I thought of watching too on how they make them for reference later. It totally helped since somewhat I know what I should do when I was already cooking.

Create Your Own Takoyaki At Kenshin Restaurant

I am not aware on how fast I should be cooking them so I was kind of rushing in putting all the ingredients. So when we were eating, there are some that are too bland because there are not much ingredients. My friend ate a piece full of ginger and it was funny since it tastes so spicy! It really got me excited when I saw how they are perfectly shaping like balls. I wanted to flip them all that time, but the inside might not be cooked well, it really tested my patience in waiting. While waiting I was also eating my California Rolls, and my friends can’t wait for the Takoyaki so they ate their sashimis first.

While cooking, I was not sure how strong the fire should be and well, it kind of got burnt. Thankfully, only some part of it tasted burnt and the others are A-Okay~ The final verdict? The taste of my cooking went well! Phew! In total we cooked 20 pieces and 11 of those, I ate them. That’s how I love Takoyaki~

P.S. My friends were already full with their Sahimi so I got the Takoyaki all to myself. Well, most of it~ Yay!


Price: Php89 Passion Red Tea  |  Php99 Tropical Mango Shake

Not sure what this is but it tastes great with a faint taste of strawberry. I love sweet teas’ so I will definitely order this one when I eat here again. The taste kind of remind of Tokyo Tokyo’s iced tea. If you’re a fan of their tea, then you’ll enjoy the taste of this tea too.

Create Your Own Takoyaki At Kenshin Restaurant


Price: Php69

Available in vanilla, chocolate and matcha flavors. My friend and I ordered the vanilla and matcha, I think the matcha flavor tastes better than mine. Its texture is creamier and it actually tastes great rather than the vanilla. Mine was like an ice cream bought at a convenience store. The thing I noticed is the rough texture, it’s like the ice cream was defrosted then chilled again. I’ll rate it 2.5 out of 5 since they added a cherry on top. All in all it was just so-so, nothing special.

ice cream At Kenshin Restaurant


Price: Php99

We had this one for FREE! There’s a print out on the table saying, we get to have free coffee jelly or —– if we post our picture online through Facebook. My friend posted one and used the required hashtag, so we got one coffee jelly as a freebie~

Coffee Jelly At Kenshin Restaurant

Their coffee jelly topped with vanilla ice cream is quite good. If you’re a coffee fanatic you might want to try this one. The sweetness of the ice cream is the same as from single scoop they serve.


Create Your Own Takoyaki At Kenshin Restaurant

I quite like their decors in the restaurant it’s not quite what I usually see from other restaurants. They have this large collection of sake at the wall, and a wonderful mural painting. The mural looks so pop and modern and somewhat have a vintage feel. They also have a wall painting of cherry blossoms, which is quite lovely. One thing that they should have highlighted is the Taiko drums sitting at the top. Here’s me hoping it doesn’t fall off though.

Create Your Own Takoyaki At Kenshin Restaurant

I love the ambiance, even though the place is a bit small. The attention to detail is charming, two thumbs up!


My experience here was great, I love cooking our own Takoyaki! If there’s someone who loves this street food as well, I’d definitely recommend they try it out at Kenshin restaurant. BUT that’s only if you are in it to cook. The other dishes served to us lacks the distinct signature taste the restaurant should have. It tastes good, but only at that level. It did not give me the “OH, it’s delicious” reaction like the first time I ate a California Maki in Teriyaki Boy before.

These are my opinions, but I’ll definitely still say to try them out since it might also depend on the dishes. Maybe their Gyoza tastes great or even their Ebi fry right? And maybe looks can be deceiving that their udon or ramen actually tastes mouth-watering. I’ll leave that up to you when you visit Kenshin restaurant.


  • Ground Floor, The Linear Tower, Yakal Corner Mayapis Street, San Antonio, Makati City


Create Your Own Takoyaki At Kenshin Restaurant

Are you a Takoyaki lover?

I am, and I always crave this popular street food. It’s actually easy to make when you watch a tutorial in Youtube. Only thing is you need a Takoyaki pan to make these lovely balls~

  • Even when you’re a noob at cooking, you can still cook this easy dish.
  • Always make sure that your fire is set to mid high so you won’t burn you Takoyaki. But even if it did burn, it still will taste great haha.

*This post is written personally by me with no relation whatsover to the store’s owner/s, this is basically my own dining experience in this place.

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