Banapple Bakery Cafe: A Sweet Tooth’s Review


I’ve heard of Banapple a few times before as a popular treat for those with a sweet tooth, but only got the chance to experience dining here last May 2017. We were searching for an affordable restaurant we could eat for lunch, my friends thought of Banapple. And so, I got my first dining experience here. Yay!

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As stated on their website, Banapple started out as a pies and cheesecake bakery. They’ve gone from just selling desserts to serving customers home-cooked style meal dishes, from a bakery to a popular restaurant establishment in Quezon City. And they serve generous serving of food, worth it and affordable!

How did this restaurant get its Banapple name? Obviously it was combined from the fruits Banana + Apple, but why? Their two early hits were the Banoffee pie and the apple caramel crumble pie. And they merged the two main ingredients of their hit dessert, and Banapple was born!

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From Banapples menu they have entrees, soup and salad, pastas, sandwiches and fluffy pancakes, pies, muffins, savory pies, cookies, cakes, cake loaves and teas. Their menu are suitably catered for the Filipinos tastes, like glazed tocinos, longanisa and bangus dishes. I want to try their fluffy pancakes next time yummy!




I LOVE their lasagna roll-ups, it was a first for me to be served a rolled up lasagna too! The lasagna is rolled-up with herb cream, smothered with mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. I also love that the noodles are cooked al dente. Later on my second lasagna, the herb cream cheese got too much for my taste buds and I removed some of them. The meat sauce was great though and I kept wanting more! Since their serving was too generous for me, I didn’t get to finish my slice of breads.

Banapple Lasagna Roll-ups


I got turned off immediately when I saw the “creamy and cheesy” name of this penne. I prefer my pasta balanced with its sauce. When I got the taste of it from my friend, I think I prefer this over my rolled up lasagna. The sauce and the cheese were perfectly balanced compared to my super cheesy herb cream cheese. Will definitely order this next time I eat at Banapple.

Banapple Baked Creamy Cheesy Penne


It tastes a little sweet but still I give this a 2 thumbs up. I am not really a meat lover but this one tastes good! The ribs are truly tender although the homemade hickory barbecue sauce is a little sweet.


Chicken Parmigiano is one of Banaple’s bestsellers. Whoever loves chicken and mozzarella should definitely try this one. This fillet is topped with meat sauce and melted mozzarella, oh and glazed buttercarrots.



Because of its drooling name, I ordered this one, I’m a fan of berries so what’s the harm? Though I was not really happy about this it was still yummy, just that the icing part of the cake did not pass the standard of my taste buds. The cake is perfect if only the icing tastes creamy or rich. It felt like eating wind, don’t know how to explain this better, but the icing was just too much also and somewhat tasteless.

Banapple Very Berry Custard Cake


How I wish I ordered this one, I am a bit picky when it comes to cheesecakes, some are perfect and some are too cheesecake-y, which is usually the latter. It was not too bitter, I would say the cheesecake and dark chocolate were finely balanced. No wonder it is recommended by the menu.

Banapple Dark Chocolate Tiramisu Cheesecake


Had high hopes for this since it is blueberry and a cheesecake, was very sad at how this tasted. Topped with crushed graham with a thick layer of icing and cheesecake sounds really lovely. But the icing was like with my very berry custard cake, tasteless and bland. The cheesecake was good for a few bites and gets a little boring after a while since the taste was very rich.

Banapple Blueberry Cheesecake


Am I getting old or this tasted too sweet for me? I do love sweets, but this is just tooo sweet for me. Although the taste was refreshing, but I can’t eat a whole slice of this since it was too sweet. The bananas were sweet and yummy as for the top icing, well you know now I am not a fan of their taste, I prefer the creamy icing from Red Ribbon better.

Banapple Banoffee Pie


I’d definitely go back to eat here, but maybe ignore some of the cakes unless their tastes are updated. I don’t like how bland their icing is, it ruins the quality of the cake for me all in all. As for the place, maybe they should make the tables bigger and make it flat instead of uneven, with M&M looking design, the plates were huge and it is hard to eat on the table fitting all our dishes, drinks and desserts for four. It was crowded and there are not enough table. Since it is usually crowded here, it’s hard to go as a group of four and share one table.


Good sides are the meals are superb! A little pricey, but affordable when they serve you those generous amounts. Worth it for sharing and it is also enjoyable to eat. We did not wait a long time for our orders despite having the place crowded. For the desserts, I will try the others next time. Hopefully it will taste great too, I want to taste that carrot cake soon! And try their smoothies also, this is making me hungry now!



♦  Branches:

  • 225 Katipunan Ave. Blue Ridge, Quezon City | (02) 439-2675
  • Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati Ave Bel-Air, Makati | (02) 756-2675
  • Sct. Madrinan cor Tomas Morato South Triangle, Quezon City | (02) 413-2675
  • Market! Market!, McKinley Parkway Fort Bonifacio, Taguig | (02) 519-5270
  • Alabang Town Center, Alabang-Zapote Rd Alabang, Muntinlupa | (02) 869-7279
  • SM City North EDSA, Sky Garden , North Ave cor EDSA Sto. Cristo, Quezon City
  • Northgate Bldg., Connecticut St. Greenhills, San Juan | (02) 477-2675
  • UG/F Ayala Fairview Terraces , Maligaya Dr cor Quirino Hwy Pasong Putik, Quezon City
  • Gateway Mall, 
  • 2/F The Veranda, Robinsons Galleria EDSA Ortigas, Ortigas Ave Ugong Norte, Quezon City

*This post is written personally by me with no relation whatsover to the store’s owner/s, this is basically my own dining experience in this place.


Humongous desserts a-hoy!

My first thoughts on Banapple was that it’s an eat-all-you-can-dessert buffet since my friends kept raving on me about Banapple. Now I’m enlightened that it’s a bakery cafe serving generous amounts to their customers. Two thumbs up for that!

  • Any affordable cafe’s you can share?

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