The Questionable AirAsia Processing Fee for Online Payments

AirAsia Processing Fee

One day, I found a really cheap airfare from Skyscanner.  That time it was a promo fare, I needed to be quick to get myself a seat on that plane. Smirking that that the airfare was so cheap, I decided to buy it and then KA-BOOM! I was so flabbergasted on why my fees went up. I tried and tried, but any payment options that I see, there’s always an extra charge. From what airline this is, its AIRASIA!

AirAsia Processing Fee

I was so sure I’ll be paying the rate that I accepted, but no. Whether I use my credit or debit card, there’s still a fee. Paying via Unionbank is out of the question since I have no bank account with them. Paying using their BIG Visa Credit Card has no extra charge. But why?

I halted my plan to pay and then I searched for why this airline is asking me a ridiculous “AirAsia Processing Fee”. Then I found this, and it states:

Why was the fee introduced?

It’s to ensure that our guests are provided with a comfortable and safe booking environment. AirAsia has invested substantially to expand, implement and maintain our online payment systems and especially, to upgrade, enhance and improve the security features for direct debit, online credit, debit and charge cards payments.


My question is, why should I pay for an “online security” payment when this should already be a “personal security service” of the airline for their customers? That’s one sneaky way of ripping customers off. It’s like we’re paying AirAsia to upgrade whatever features they want when this should be charged to them and not the customers. Or one thing they can do is add a small fee that is already included in the airfare so that all can be charged. Not just us who uses a different credit or debit card.

If there were other airlines cheaper than those in Kuala Lumpur and charges no extra payment for online security, I’d definitely go with that. I’ve tried booking online thru Cebu Pacific and Vietnam Airlines, both do not have this ridiculous payment fee. I was so frustrated that time that I left my laptop and slept my anger off.

Does this just mean that Airasia’s website is not safe? Or are not properly protected as a whole? I’m having second thoughts now. But one thing I do know is, as much as possible I’ll avoid booking here. Only if this is the last option I have, then will I buy my plane ticket here. I also heard they charge you when you don’t do online check-in. Those are weird rules you have there, AirAsia. 

AirAsia Processing Fee

May I also add that they charge you this so-called “processing fee” PER PERSON? I booked for 2 people and since I don’t want to hand over more than Php100 I used my debit card. And it actually didn’t get through and I saw a Php60 (around $1.3) charge. In the end, I got charged by my bank another P110 fee since I can only withdraw 3 times. To lay it out in simple terms, here’s how it went:

Php60 – payment didn’t get thru to AirAsia using my Debit card

Php110 - Bank fee for withdrawing more than thrice (my first withdrawal my cash, second was my monthly payment for my credit card and third and fourth was for Airasia, I didn’t know this since my card details are updated the next day always)

Php100+ - AirAsia’s security fee for booking 2 persons, we each paid Php50+

Compute that up to 5 or 6 people, then you’ll see how much wasted money you are giving this airline!

The second time I booked in AirAsia, I again used my Debit Card, with the same old routine. IT.DID.NOT.GET.THROUGH. Since this one didn’t work I just sucked it up and paid the extra Php100+ that they charge when using another credit card. I literally hate them due to these ridiculous fees they charge customers.

As much as possible avoid, airlines that sneakily charge you when you pay for your tickets. AirAsia may have won the prize as having the World’s Best Low-Cost Airline. But they pushed me away from being their loyal customer.

This online security issue should have been a basic protection every website should have when money matters come in. It’s just that AirAsia fails to deliver this to their customers. I feel the injustice plus the helplessness since this was the only option I got left. I was so much hoping some other budget airlines had some promo fares on the countries I was at. I’d definitely fly with them rather than lose some hard earned cash.

I rated my experience of booking with them a negative. Unless they change the way they charge customers at the end of booking online. I’d definitely give them a thumbs-up if they stop doing this to their customers. For now, I just don’t like them for charging me the outrageous fees that should’ve costed me less on my travels. Again, if we compute it, these extra charges can easily accumulate up to $10-20 or more.

Let’s spend money wisely y’all.


AirAsia Processing Fee

What airline have you felt ripped you off? Are there any airline issues you’ve had? It may be during the booking process or other services they give us as customers. Share it down below and let us know your thoughts!

  • In my whole experience in booking flights, I really hated how AirAsia adds extra charge when I book online. Kind of like a contradiction to the title they’re so proud of.  – World’s Best Low-Cost Airline. But with hidden fees.
  • I just found out this airline is also one of the most dangerous due to a number of accidents they always have...

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