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My 2017 in a Wrap & 2018 Resolutions: 2017 is Ending, What are Your Plans?

My 2017 in a Wrap & 2018 Resolutions

Hello there~ In a few days, 2018 will be knocking in! Are you ready to welcome the new year? I sure am! 2017 has been lovely for me, this year was the most productive I have ever been in all the years I’ve been living. In this post I think you’ll get to know more about me, the person behind this blog~ It will be boring if you kept on reading my posts here and not know a brief background of the blogger.

For me, 2017 was really a fun and challenging year full of new learnings. AND I LOVE IT!! This year was a full-bang package filled with accomplishments that I can’t wait to share! Time passes by quickly when you’re busy, and I heart it! For me it means I am using my time in a productive way. Life is short, so let us enjoy it to the fullest we can, open the door when an opportunity strikes and welcome the challenges.

I’ll also share with you my personal 2018 wish list, goals and resolutions. It will be fun if after a year I’ll read this back and contemplate on what I have achieved based on my list haha ♥


1 | December of 2016, Let us go back first to where it all started. Last December 2016 I was still working a 7 to 4pm job. All of us there wanted to get out of that company because we were not treated well, AT ALL. I’m a person who’s really patient, but what triggered me to write my boss a very personal message was when he tried to shout all my faults in front of all my co-workers. It was a really rude call and this did not just happen to me, but also to my other work mates previously too.

Since I was the oldest employee there with the only courage to step up and be frank with our boss, I emailed him. It was a really frank message that the next day only his wife (our other boss, which I am in a somewhat good terms with) was at the office, I am expecting myself to be laid off after the day ends. AND I DID. His wife and I talked for a long time at the meeting room telling me I don’t need to come tomorrow and I will still be paid for the days I am not there. I didn’t accept it since it isn’t fair that I will still be paid when I did not work for it.

The negotiation ended with me handing over my resignation effective that same day. His wife and I both agreed that I’ll still be coming tomorrow as my last day.
When that “next day” came, my boss treated us all for lunch, somewhat of a farewell-slash-truce so all of us can be in good terms with each other. And so, I still left with no bridges totally burnt, but I sure will not be looking back at that time.

My 2017 in a Wrap & 2018 Resolutions

2 | 2016 Winter Trip in Japan. I already have my first planned Japan trip a few days after I ended my employment with my employer. And I treated this trip as my stress reliever, which was really effective since I’ve been working with stressful environments ever since my first work. And I really needed something to take all load off my shoulders.

Reality sunk in when I arrived home in the Philippines, which got me quite stressed again. I was jobless for a month and I hate it when I’m just in my room not working, it makes me feel like I’m a bum. I was so sure I won’t be working at another office so I was desperately looking for a home based work. Thankfully, I did find one before the end of January 2017. Check out my Osaka, Nara & Kyoto Budget Guide here.

Japan in Winter

3 | January 2017 – Meeting with my friends from the first company we worked for.  My friend works in Singapore and she invited me to meet together with one of our other work mates. We didn’t see each other for a long while so we had a lot to chat about. Our other friend has also visited Japan, so the two of us were reminiscing about our trip. It was such an eye-opener that it made me realize I still want to visit Japan again soon after our talk. It made me so pumped up that I applied to so many companies hoping they will hire me.

4 | February 2017 – First Day of my Home Based Work. I GOT HIRED!! I told myself that I definitely will not work in an office again! I want more free time to do things that I want and be more productive. Commuting back and forth from the office to my home seems like a waste of time and strength due to the traffic here in Metro Manila. Not to mention, the stressful environment I will be put in again. I just can’t take another gamble of that.

Thanks to this choice I made, I met new foodie friends and travel friends! My teammates are all really nice people and I love the friendly environment. As an employee, I think I’m the type that works best independently and remotely. I work as a graphic designer and I really love this job since it is a somewhat versatile field.
The other company that I applied to which I sadly did not get into hired me as their freelancer. Work from them comes once a month, or if lucky I get 2 projects a month from them. The pay is great so YAY for me!

5 | March 2017 again – The Month I started my Travel Blog. As I mentioned before, starting this travel blog was an impulsive decision of mine. You can read more about it here.

My friends usually ask me on how to’s and tips that I just thought of compiling all my knowledge here. And blogging is a great tool to share what I know to the world as well. Staring out was hard since I need to learn how to create my own website while still working my 7-4 job. I’m a novice at anything related to websites and those were my sleepless days trying to tinker with things. On top that I’m a novice at this webby thing, I’m not a long story writer as well. Essays are not my thing so it was a personal struggle when I created my first few posts hahaha.

6 | May 2017 – My DIY Tinipak River Adventure with my new friends. I got their sweet “YES’s”, after a few weeks of my advertising to them how beautiful Tinipak River is. It was an absolute fun trip, noting that was the first time I met my work mates personally too. We are all working in our home, so meeting up with them is hard and we all have to sync our available schedules. After this we did not have any other trips, we usually just eat out fattening ourselves and releasing our accumulated stress.

Read more about my DIY guide to Tinipak River and Daranak Falls.

DIY Tinipak River

7 | May 2017 – My Pinto Art Museum wish come true. For a long time I have been wanting to visit this artsy museum. My wish came true when a friend of mine from high school invited me to go, of course I said yes! Read my post about Pinto Art Museum here.

Pinto Art Museum

8 | August to September summer trip in Japan. I’ve been craving to visit this most favorite country of mine again. I stayed at my friend’s house for a full two weeks! I worked hard to save up and visit Japan last summer to complete my goal of completely visiting and experiencing all their seasons! On my summer trip, I got to explore more~ I even get to tour Ikebukuro alone since my friend can’t tour me due to her having a driving test that day.

Here’s how my experience went during my travels in Japan in Summer: List of Fun and Cheap Things to do in HakoneMy 3 Day Hakone Free Pass Budget TravelTop things to do in Odaiba, the Ex-Fortress Island of TokyoTokyo DisneySeaOwl Park Café in Ikebukuro: An Intimate Playtime with the Owls


9 | September 2017 – Visited Corregidor again to take pictures. One day while I was searching for my old photos of Corregidor I noticed that they are missing. When I confirmed that all were gone and then there was a discounted tour, I immediately booked a trip. I really wanted to share how lovely Corregidor is so I need materials for my blog. Sadly, when I visited, the weather was rainy and I didn’t get to capture how beautiful the azure ocean view is from the island. 

Corregidor Island is a must visit, click here to know why. And always double check the weather! Pick a sunny or a slightly cloudy season when visiting.


10 | November 2017 – I started my online shop. I love doing business, but I am not totally ready to have a physical shop. I already have an online shop before this, but I stopped since I have too much to handle already. Don’t bite more that you can chew they said. And so, I found a more creative way where I can leave my business for a while and focus more on traveling and blogging.

11 | December 2017 – Langkawi Tour with friends and a solo trip to Vietnam for a day. I’ve been stressing myself that I don’t travel much. But looking at this list, I definitely feel fulfilled with all that I have done this 2017. Our Langkawi tour was a very fun experience and my solo trip to Vietnam was a lesson worth noting for solo female travelers. This trip I get to try many things that are a first for me such as riding a jetski and a go-kart! I’ll be posting about this soon~


12 | This year has been the most productive year of all for me. I’m proud of all my choices this 2017. IF I picked working in an office again, all the things I have listed above would not be possible at all. I won’t get to create my own travel blog, my online shop, traveling will be less since I won’t have that much freedom of time.
I can’t ignore that something inside of me that is calling, it may be my passion to do things I want. For now, what I know is I want to get back on the road and explore the world more. I want more control of my time to pursue what I truly love to do in my life. This feeling is slowly growing more and more in me. I feel that lonely longing to be somewhere in which for now I cannot have.

13 | Learned a lot. From my full time work, to business, to blogging and traveling. I have truly learned a lot more than what I am expecting this year. Who knew I can absorb all of these things on top that my full time work is getting toxic daily. LOL. I just love learning and while I am writing this, I am wishing I can quit my full time job and just do business and traveling!!


  1. Visit 3 new countries in 2018: I think this is the limit that I can for a year. At the top of my list are Indonesia, Singapore and Korea or Taiwan. But..I am currently missing Japan right now, maybe I’ll visit soon again. I think 1 new country for now? Well, who knows what will happen..
  2. Visit more places in the Philippines: I have no places in mind right now so come what may. On my list are Batanes or maybe Siargao.
  3. Check out some new restaurants: I love eating, especially desserts! I’ll find some special places that are worthy to eat out. My friends and I usually eat out, this is an ice breaker for me from traveling. Traveling still costs quite a lot so sometimes it’s just better to pig out.
  4. Spend less, earn more: Earn income thru my online business and get into investing again. All of this so I can travel mooore! I enjoy doing business~ And one day I might quit my full time job to live a life of travel. FOR THE FUTUUURE!
  5. Learn more about Social Media: Truth be told, I’m not usually a social person soooo, hahaha.  Doing this media stuff is a challenge for me. I don’t even go online too much and I usually do overtime work which is quite sad.
  6. Upgrade the look of my blog: I really feel that my website looks really empty, even now. Maybe I’ll need help from an outside source since I’m not a developer a coder or any of these web stuffs.
  7. Add more contents on my blog: It will almost be a year now since I started my blog, I need more high quality content for my readers. And more posts to share as well.
  8. Learn video editing again: I know some simple editing only, I think I need to learn this stuff again.
  9. Be more productive: I just hope this momentum of mine keeps rolling! 2017 is already a game changer for me and I think this is the most productive year in all of my life!
  10. Clean my room: The hardest part. Cleaning my whole room would be such bloody gruesome work. Or should I say “sweaty”.
  11. Sell my old iMac: It was bought 7 years ago I think. It’s still fully functional, but it just sits here on my table. It will really get broken if I don’t use it. Anyone interested? It is 27 inches bought in late 2018 or 2019 I think.
  12. Try to lessen my standards. Once I get hyped and serious about something, I do stuff too seriously. My expectations get so high up that, as an example, I even expect my friends to produce the same quality of photos I do. It frustrates me when things don’t go well or things aren’t met as expected. I think I just need to chill and loosen my grip on things I can’t control.
  13. Be more patient. This is something that is really hard to do. This is why I mentioned that I’m an impulsive person. Because once I thought of something I want to do, I want to start it immediately. It is a good side of me too, but sometimes it gets more on the bad side when I lose my patience.

Some of this is a milestone for me. Looking back, there were some tough choices I made that I don’t regret. I’m glad and all but when I think about it, I knew I should have listened to that inner voice before to just work at home and pursue my passion on the side. I wonder where I will be if I got to this stage earlier.

Although, the negative experiences I had will still be a great lesson for me to move forward. On the other side, I can apply things I learned when I was still working at the office. It did help me when I was setting up my online business and negotiating with suppliers. Oh well, we can’t control all and I can’t wait what’s in store for me in the future!

That‘s all for now~ What are your list of goals and wishes this coming 2018? Or do you have some things you want to change? Share them by commenting down below! 😀


My 2017 in a Wrap & 2018 Resolutions

How was your 2017?

  • Every time I try out something new is a risk. Not only do I always think that I might just be wasting money, it scares me that all my efforts will be wasted. I get into a brief depression when I’m trying out something that’s out of my comfort zone. But in the end, at least I tried 😀
  • How was your year 2017? I hope we all have a memorable year this year 😀

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